Upper Deck 1, Topps 0

I am not a basketball fan but this is definitely one of the cards I need to pick up before it explodes. It’s from Upper Deck and features the Miami Heat’s #1 draft pick (#2 overall), Michael Beasley. This is what a good basketball card looks like when it isn’t rushed to the market in order to make a quick profit.

You will be able to find these autographs in Upper Deck Basketball Series One which is being released on September 2nd. Now, if only Michael could help us climb out of the gutter in our division and bring us back to the place Shaq once carried us to not so long ago.

You can check out Topps’ Beasley card here.

Published by Mario A.

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5 thoughts on “Upper Deck 1, Topps 0

  1. Do you really think Topps would have made a regular signature card better even with time? I don’t.

    PS-You’re still an Upper Deck homer 🙂

  2. I just pulled this Micheal Beasley card today. I heard there were only 10 made- not sure if I believe it. I was so naive and disappointed when I found him… I busted 5 packs of Upper Deck 08-09 Basketball with nothing but the stinking card board in the middle. So on my 6th pack, I saw the cardboard again inside, thinking it was gonna be another crap pack. So i flipped through the pack slowly disappointed cause I thought it was another crap pack and then I saw an auto. I was like, at least I got an auto, cause I always pull autos of crap people. But the owner said, no, this is a good one, rare, you can pay back all your packs threefold at least with this card! lol!

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