One of my “white whales” is home

Today I arrived from a long, boring day at work and found two packages in my mailbox. The first was from a gentleman named Michael Savage who runs and wanted to work out a link exchange. He runs a website that links to all sites related to sports cards. He’s even got a place for all sports cards-related blogs and just asks for you to link to his site. Currently, he’s only got Wax Heaven and Sports Cards Uncensored there so it’s a great time to join.

Anyway, he likes Wax Heaven and my coverage of Jose Cruz Jr. and offered to send a few my way. What he sent along was two cards that I have wanted for over ten years but never could get my hands on. First, he sent over the 1997 Bowman Chrome International which is a parallel of the base card and features the flag of where the player is from in the background. The second card is from one of my all-time favorite sets, ’97 Bowman’s Best.

The other card in the scan is perhaps the nicest Jose Cruz Jr. card in my collection. It appears to be a 1998 Bowman’s Best Fusion (w/Ruben Mateo on the back). I can imagine these inserts were pretty hard to come by back in the day. Thanks to Michael for his generous gift and make sure to drop by his site.

The other package is from Dayf and is part of one of the many trades him and I have taken part in. This time around he went way out of his way by including not only some pretty badass Marlins base cards but also including two Marlins game-used cards (Hanley, Willingham).

I have already pulled out several Braves players that I plan on sending out but it looks like I will have to go back to the drawing board for this trade since his cards pretty much blow away what I was planning on sending.

Thanks again, Dayf!

2 thoughts on “One of my “white whales” is home

  1. I’m glad that I could help you build your Cruz collection. That 97 BC Refractor has your name all over it when I find it.

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