Marlins, please say “NO” to Manny!

It’s all over sports radio, ESPN, and the Internet: Florida Marlins & Manny Ramirez?

Five years ago I would have been ecstatic at the possibility of bringing in someone like Ramirez, who is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and legendary slugger. The thing is, Manny is no longer the sick RBI machine that he was in 1999 when he hit 44 home runs and drove in 165 runners. Hell, he’s not even the Manny of 2005 who hit 45 home runs and drove in 144 RBI. This Manny is now a problematic, lazy, selfish, Cancer who is on pace to hit under 30 home runs for the third straight season.

What makes this trade rumor even more ridiculous is the fact that Manny will be a free agent at the end of the season and if the Fish have yet to sign Dan Uggla to a contract, what makes you think they will pick up Manny’s $20 million dollar option for 2009? We don’t need to give up Josh Willingham or Jeremy Hermida plus two prospects to “rent” out a guy who is more trouble than he is worth.

The only way this trade would make sense was if they gave up Mike Jacobs, who is a DH at heart and doesn’t belong in the National League. That way, Jorge Cantu could be moved to first, Dallas McPherson could be called up from the Minors to play his position of Third Base, and Manny can play either corner of the outfield 85% of the time. He’s not worth putting in full-time anymore.

You want to know how worthless it would be to bring Manny to the Marlins? There is a guy on our team named Cody Ross who has hung around for five seasons and played on four different teams before getting his first shot at full-time play. He literally sat on the bench for the first two months on this Marlins team and now after getting playing time has almost identical numbers to Manny Ramirez and will cost you $20 million dollars less.

Manny has 20 HR, 68 RBI, and is hitting .301

Cody has 16 HR, 51 RBI, and is hitting .255

Manny has over 100 more at-bats than Cody Ross, a guy who would never even have an opportunity were the Marlins not so desperate. How many more home runs and RBI would Cody have with an extra 100+ at-bats? I don’t know how every other Marlins fan feels but I will keep my Cody Ross’, Jeremy Hermida’s, and Josh Willingham’s and you go ahead and make a play for that lazy, son of a bitch named Manny Ramirez.

I want nothing to do with him!

10 thoughts on “Marlins, please say “NO” to Manny!

  1. The marlins dont spend money…the marlins have 8-10 players comming up for arbitration…8-10 players are going to get HUGE pay raises…marlins dont want to have to pay them all what arbitration tells them to..Manny would only be here for the rest of the year, which im sure they wouldnt be signing his checks..if they made the trade they would clear hermida off the books PLUS get 2 draft picks from the team that does sign Manny before next season..if you dig into this idea it makes alot of sence for the marlins
    they are going to make this run then clear the books again, untill fans show up for games other than the mets games!!

  2. I can’t believe the Marlins would even consider this. But according to MLB Trade Rumors, the Fish and the Sox are almost ready to finalize the deal. This just doesn’t seem to fit the personality of the team at all.

  3. I can picture you slamming your fingers into the keys on those last two sentences….lol…

    6 months ago I would have called you an idiot. But, you’re right, he’s just not worth the trouble anymore. You can’t rely on him.

    He’s a liability that NOBODY needs (thankfully the BoSox of all teams are stuck with him.) He’s quickly becoming as loathed by me as Barry Bonds is. You don’t get much worse than that in my opinion.

    Did you see him trot out the throw to first against the LA Angels? Ridiculous! My big ass could have done cartwheels to the bag faster than that.

  4. Mike, I said ALMOST identical and I should have specified in power numbers only.

    Still, you can keep Manny and I will stay with Cody.

  5. I am thrilled with this trade, I am a huge Red Sox fans and I grew tired of Manny’s crap over a year ago. He has helepd us win and hoepfully Jason Bay and whatever prospects we can get will help us win again.

  6. It’s not unreasonable to think with an extra 100 at bats Cody couldn’t hit four homers and drive in 17 with them. It might bump up his average a bit too. The comparison is entirely valid. You win, Mario.

  7. As a Red Sox fan, it would be tough to see the production of Manny leave (partly because he steps it up against the Yankees and is clutch), but he is becoming a cancer when it comes to team chemistry. And I believe team chemistry is really important over the long season, even though we can’t measure it in stats.

    However, unless the Red Sox just aren’t going to put up with him anymore whatsoever, this trade makes no sense. They’d essentially be paying Ramirez for the rest of this season, trading away prospects and draft picks, and getting Jason Bay in return. Why would they do that?

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