The wild world of Arod rookie cards!

So, you just spent the entire Summer mowing extra lawns, taking out the trash, and making your room look spotless for that last bit of money needed to buy your dream card: a 1994 Upper Deck SP Alex Rodriguez rookie card. Sure, the thing books for a ton of cash in Beckett but you know if you spend enough time digging that you can find one for less on eBay.

The thing is, when it comes to first-year cards and Alex Rodriguez it’s a wild, wild world of baseball cards to research. Sure, the ’94 SP is the most recognizable and popular of the bunch but what about the others? Below is a collage of Arod cards from 1994 I put together. I am in no way an Arod fan or collector but if I had to have any Arod first year card I wouldn’t even go with ANY of these below. I’d go and pick up his first-ever certified autograph on a baseball card which came from none other than 1993 Classic Baseball.

If you are really old school, try the eTopps Cards that Never Were 1994 Topps Arod.

7 thoughts on “The wild world of Arod rookie cards!

  1. Does anyone know where I could find the print runs for the 1993 Classic 4-Sport Draft Picks set?

  2. Starting from the left, the third and fifth cards in the middle row are second year cards from 1995. Summit and Score.

    I actually don’t own an A-Rod rookie and I also don’t care that I don’t. If I did, all I would do is sell it.

  3. So two cards are ’95. Thanks guys. They were listed as ’94 although I should have know on the Summit as they haunted my life in the 90’s!

  4. I just like the mental picture of a before-the-money 19-year-old Alex Rodriguez sitting down and signing his name FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED times for that Classic four sport issue.

    Somehow I don’t think that Manon Rheaume had it that bad a year earler, and she was a big draw for Classic at the time. She was the Danica Patrick of her day…

    …oh wait. She signed 1992 in ’92, but then 6300 in ’95. Yeesh. That’s some writer’s cramp.

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