2008 Upper Deck Goudey is live!

You can see the results of a two-box break HERE.

Man, these cards look spectacular and might give Topps Allen & Ginter a run for their money. Although the product isn’t available to purchase just yet, some have already received their cases and have begun selling team sets on eBay.

Wax Heaven WILL bust a box of this in August but only after my two boxes of ’08 Allen & Ginter arrive. Keep an eye out for the Andrew Miller base card which is #74 in the checklist. I will trade up to anyone who pulls it.

Good luck to everyone who busts Goudey. Make sure to let us know what “hits” come out of your boxes by either Blogging about it or by leaving a comment on the site.


10 thoughts on “2008 Upper Deck Goudey is live!

  1. Im going to pass on this, Im not a fan of retro sets in general. The only reason I like ginter is because I think it looks nice, this stuff doesnt do it for me.

  2. I LOVE Goudey! I’m even more excited for this than A&G. I will be getting some this week and should have some very interesting posts about it…

  3. If I didn’t hate the Yankees, I might have bought some significant amounts of UD products this year. I’m sorry, but having to look at Derek Jeter’s face on every card is just a massive turn off for me, and yes I did buy a significant amount of Goudey last year, but none for me this year.

  4. bailorg, Jeter’s face is only on the cards of A.L. players. N.L. players have Ken Griffey Jr. on their cards. It’s a good thing you weren’t collecting in 1934 🙂

  5. My fiancee and I just busted one box of Goudey, we picked it up at Duanes Sports Cards in Arlington TX. We pulled a Sport Royalty On-card auto of Jackie Joyner-Kersee AND a redeption card for a Prince Fielder Sport Royalty redemption card BOTH of these were IN ONE PACK!!

    The rest of the packs were really good as well including a numbered mini Michael Jordan.

  6. i pulled a sport royalty auto of Bruce Jenner and a GU Bucky Dent, got that Andrew Miller too, overall good box.

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