A couple of month’s ago I was asked, along with several other card bloggers to support the ‘Bring Back Stadium Club‘ campaign. I have to say to Ryan from Trader Crack’s, congratulations you succeeded! At least that appears to be the case after reading the breaking story from Fielder’s Choice. Great job to Dave for the reporting and for his blog in general, which gets my vote for “Rookie Blog of the Year”.

Here is the part that floored me, though:

Price: $225 a box

EVERY BOX contains:
12 Autographed Cards; including 6 Rookie Autos!
1 Hobby Exclusive Yankee Relic Card!
12 numbered* Rookie Cards!
12 numbered* Parallel cards!

It appears that Stadium Club is going straight for the jugular of Upper Deck SPx and might have a great shot at winning this fight but that’s a bit too high for me. Don’t get me wrong, I trust Topps will put out a great product (barring redemptions) but I am not going to pay over $200 for a box when it costs $50 to fill my gas tank these days.

You know, it would have been great if Topps used the Stadium Club brand to bring something great back into the hobby.  Maybe a Masterpieces-like feel good product with great base cards and beautiful relics. Unfortunately, all they did is bring ‘Triple Threads Lite’ to the masses and made their product available only to a select few who can afford it. The rest of us will just have to scour eBay looking for the cards we like.

Shame Topps, shame….