2008 Topps Updates & Highlights

Topps Updates & Highlights has been announced and Wax Heaven is happy to be the first to bring you the product details! For once, this product seems worth buying.

You are going to get one autograph or relic per box along with Rookie Chrome Refractor box loaders for us “Joe Collectors”. It will include 197 traded players and 45 new rookies. Along with the usual stuff there is a 10-card tribute to players from the 1986 New York Mets World Series Champions, base & autograph versions.

You can check out the checklist HERE.

12 thoughts on “2008 Topps Updates & Highlights

  1. You dirty rotten Joe Colector…why is that Longoria card blue? What’s the deal with that? And does Mojo have anything to do with Austin Powers?

  2. is that ‘baby blue’ longoria the base set color? that’s a really great looking card… If so, I’m definitely getting some blasters of this stuff…

  3. That checklist is a joke. Don’t bother (topps, not you M) posting it until it’s complete. Sheeesh.

    Chemgod, I always “wait til next year” before buying most products. Save a ton of cash that way. And since redemptions now have a longer shelf life, it makes even more sense. Good thing cards don’t go stale, like gum does. (props to Chris H.)

  4. I heard there will 1 of 1 sketch cards. Each card an orginal piece of art. I have heard of this in Movie cards but not baseball cards. What do you think about these type of cards in baseball cards…
    …as collectors, whats your opinion?

  5. to get an original piece of art? thats gotta be a great thing .. and its as 1/1 as you can get (impossible to produce ever again) .. hopefully they wont water it down with unlimited reprints.. that would really ruin whats so special about it .. when i was a kid, i hated the donruss ‘diamond king’ series.. it got very sickening after seeing it for the 10,000th time…. great idea by topps though, and i like that their using multiple artists

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