‘After the Game’ report – July 20th

We arrived at the stadium an hour and a half before it opened which allowed for prime spots in the visiting team’s area and where the Marlins park. Today I will do a ‘Before and After game’ report. I am sad to report the Phillies out-signed the Marlins and made more time for the fans than the home team did today and that’s even after the Phills lost in extra innings. Shame on you, fish!

Before the Game

The Marlins

Alfredo Amezaga – Smiled & waved to us, the only ones in the stadium

Dough Waechter – Waved and walked 50 feet to where we were to pose for a photo! The Baseball Gods blessed him with the extra innings win, I know it.

Chris Volstad – Looked over when called, pointed to some door (a gesture for “I can’t), and walked away. It’s a shame cause the kid is a damn rookie!

— — —

During Batting Practice a traveling softball league held a home run derby. Brett Helmer won the derby and gave out about 20 softballs to those in attendance (including me!). When I got a hold of my softball, I had him sign it. He was very gracious.

— — —

Here is where it gets crazy. The Marlins and Phillies come out after the extra-inning affair and the losing team takes care of the fans while the Marlins mostly ignore us all. The first person to come out was Jaime Moyer and when he did all hell broke loose.

After the Game

The Marlins

Chris Volstad – looks  over to the crowd all calling his name, turns his head towards his cell phone and walks to his car.

Ricky Nolasco – Waves to the fans but does not look happy at all!

Matt Treanor – Waves and signs some autographs from his car.

Renyel Pinto – Perhaps the most fan-friendly Marlin did his usual signing for fans after the game.

The Phillies

Jaime Moyer – Came out looking upset, walked into the bus and disappeared. He came out five minutes later and signed at least 50 autographs! Halfway into the kind act a guy in the back of the crowd complains that he is only signing for adults. Moyer’s response was firm and shut the guy up while shrinking him down to an inch.

“Last night you guys were bitching about the team not signing and now that I come out here and sign you are still bitching. Looks like with you guys we can’t win. No one complained after that and he continued to sign for another five minutes. Unfortunately, he ignored Tatiana’s photo request.

Joe Blanton – signed for five minutes

J.C Romero – signed for one fan

Chase Utley – completely ignored the fans who were all there for him

Ryan Howard – waved and quickly jumped on his bus

Cole Hamels – ignored everyone

Geoff Jenkins – ignored everyone

So Taguchi- silently signed for 10 minutes

— — —

Doug Waechter is the man!

Doug Waechter is the man!

Kevin Gregg during Marlins before the game show

Kevin Gregg during Marlins before the game show

Brett Helmer - Softball Home Run Hero!

Brett Helmer - Softball Home Run Hero!

Tatiana loved the auto!

Tatiana loved the auto!

Jaime Moyer will kick your ass!

Jaime Moyer will kick your ass!

...after he signs your ball.

...after he signs your ball.

Yours, too. Just no photos with Tatiana!

Yours, too. Just no photos with Tatiana!

So Taguchi was friendly but didnt speak!

So Taguchi was friendly but didn't speak!

8 thoughts on “‘After the Game’ report – July 20th

  1. Good for Moyer–

    I used to be on the side of the people getting autographs 100%…I used to think the players “owed” it to us to sign.

    Now, after seeing how many people are complete a**wipes when they are getting autographs…I feel quite differently.

    I am happy when I get ANYONE to sign, and happy for those who are getting autos. Even if I don’t get one from the guy I try to say,”Thanks, Mr. Whoever.”

    I figure a “thanks,” here and there never hurts. There are “fans” who are professional autograph hounds…who use their children to get autographs, and then sell them on ebay or in stores. I see the same scumbags at every game/event around here…and they are not pleasant people (kinda dirty too).

    Those people are the filth, and keep the players from signing more…

  2. I echo those sentiments. Be polite and be happy for what you get.

    I only collect for myself and always ask if they can personalize whatever they are signing to me – just to show that I’m not a seller.

    /Off topic slightly, but the nicest guy who signed for me this season is Luke Hughes of the NB Rock Cats. Jacob Butler of the NH Fisher Cats and Scott Richmond of Syracuse are a close second.

  3. Ha ha on the Jamie Moyer story…it was probably an innocent fan, just looking for an autograph for his kids and I’m not going to get into the debate of who really deserves an autograph. Sometimes however, you just have to shut your pie hole and let the player do what he is going to do.

    The player isn’t going to come to you and if you want the autograph, politely make your way to Jamie as opposed to bitching about it after the fact. It seems like some fans expect the player to stop, sign their baseballs, take pictures with them, et al.

    Take it for what it is worth, but it isn’t a card show.

  4. I’m surprised about Jenkins, he has always been a great signer. Must have caught him on an off night. Usually he likes to sign and take pictures.

  5. Chemgod, the Phillies had just lost the game in extra innings. I didn’t expect ANY of them to sign but the fact that they did and so much was a total shock.

    I can’t believe I am going to say this but the Phills were a classy team!

    As far as the parents having a right to complain. The truth is most of the people in the back of the stadium after the game are 21 and older crowd. There are very few kids that show up and most of them are there almost every game. The problem is that to get a good spot you have to come early. We usually leave in the 8th inning and always get a prime spot.

    If Moyer signed 50 baseballs and cards, there was easily a crowd of 150 in total so obviously some people didn’t get anything (we got no photos from ANYONE). It’s a risk you have to take. You can’t just show up 20 minutes after the game is over and expect people to make room for you or your son.

  6. This is a great post-game report – and phenomenal pix. I have absolute camera, seating location, and photographer envy.

    This is also a very interesting and informative post – I would like to once again send out kudos to Jamie Moyer. He is as good about giving out autographs as any player I have seen. On his non-pitching nights at home games he will start at a section close to the dugout and walk the first-base stands siging autographs until he gets all the way up to the foul pole.

    Baseball players are as good about autographs as anyone – nobody ever walks into a Football. Hoop, or Hockey game thinking “Hey I am going to try and get an autograph tonight”.

    At prior points in their careers Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Cole Hamels have all been pretty decent about autos pre-game – not all the guys every game but I would say about 1/3 of Phils games you could count on some player of note signing autographs. Even Jim Thome was good for a signing maybe a half-dozen autos every once in a while. I am not sure how things are this year – the buzz for the Phils is far greather than years past- and I just haven’t been to as many games as I would like.

    Coming off an tough extra inning loss, The Phils may have not been in the mood to sign autos. and who knows what happened in that locker room after Jimmy Rollins didn’t hustle on a critical hit in the 7th inning.

    I will also be the Marlins lawyer for a moment. They do have a road trip scheduled to start today, and Sunday night was a rare chance for them to have a nght off and to spend time w/ friends and family before hitting the road. .

    All this being said – I think it is of absolute importance that owners and players not forget that it is still about the fans. Without the fans there are no billion dollar ballparks, no multi-million dollar contracts, no product endorsements and NO CUSHY LIFESTYLES. This fact should trump everything else and as long as the fans show the players proper respect the players owe the fans that same respect.

  7. Thanks for the comment. Coming from a Marlins fan and someone who doesn’t like Philadelphia for obvious reasons (#1 in the East), I was shocked at just how many players signed.

    There are a lot more photos on my Flickr account and we will be attending the Rockies game in two weeks so can’t wait to take some more.

    Dan Uggla

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