America really hates Jose Canseco

….cause today is the single-busiest day in Wax Heaven’s 10-month history.

First of all, Deadspin linked to Wax Heaven for the second time.

One of the sites I frequent when my wife is passed out, Busted Coverage dropped a link as well.

With less than an hour remaining until WordPress’ stats start over, there are 4,142 unique page views in the last 24 hours, all coming to see the former M.V.P get bashed.

There’s no way I can keep even 75% of that traffic coming back unless I take some risky photos of Tatiana in her sleep so instead I will urge all new visitors to give the site a chance. Check out the ‘Best of’ to see some of the crazy experiences in less than a year’s time. I am the ‘King of Bloggers’ when it comes to delivering fresh content. This is the 898th post in ten months and at least 25% of them are worth reading!

We are a one-stop shop for Baseball news, commentary, Marlins photography, and sports cards coverage.

Hope to see you again,

-Mario Alejandro

Mario Alejandro and his crusade to break into sports media!

Oh, the Marlins STILL don’t care about Blog people.



  1. That’s awesome, man! Good Job! I’ve been posting my favorite blogs to different Bookmarking sites hoping to get a little extra traffic for everyone.

    I always give a brief description of each blog. WaxHeaven’s Official Descriptive Review by Treasure Never Buried is as follows:

    WaxHeaven…The Blog that All Other Blogs Want to Be When They Grow Up…

  2. I have noticed a spike in your referals as well to my blog, so for that I thank you Mario. It is indeed true though, Wax Heaven is the blog we all want our blogs to grow up into.

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