Tragedy has struck Wax Heaven

…with the biggest case of eBay Heartbreak I have ever experienced!

As many of you know, I collect Andrew Miller. After Andrew’s past few starts I am probably one of the few remaining A.M collectors. For about 6 months I have obsessed over the 2007 Topps Finest Black Refractor Autograph #’d to 99. I have had a couple of chances of obtaining the card but never pulled the trigger for one reason or another. The reason I wanted it so bad was because aside from the Superfractor, which I have never seen, it’s clearly the absolute best Miller rookie on the market. And then this popped up on eBay.

9 minutes, 19 seconds…

Well, what do you know? There is a Gold Refractor #’d to 50 I didn’t even know exsisted. Frankly put, the card is my new “White Whale” and today as I sit with not even remotely close to having $135 dollars, I have no choice but to let it pass. Do you know what that feels like? I am sure many collectors do.

3 minutes, 22 seconds…

The truth is, I still love baseball cards and the only reason I have not busted any boxes lately is because I have decided to enjoy the baseball season and going to games and will do the busting through the Winter when there will be nothing on but over-hyped football and boring basketball on television. I have not had the “itch” to buy any baseball products in a long, long time but seeing these cards pass me up kills me.

42 seconds…

Oh well, it’s way overpriced anyways. Miller has had a very up and down season. No way anyone pays $130+ for the two cards. Maybe if it doesn’t sell this time around and he starts another auction with no reserve/high first bid I can scrounge up $150 for the most perfect baseball card ever made.

Sold! One bid, $135.00…

6 thoughts on “Tragedy has struck Wax Heaven

  1. Ahhh, been there, done that several times. It only seems like a tragedy for the first few minutes. Then the sting wears off. Everything pops up again. Sometimes even when you can actually afford it.

  2. Not true. This just happened to me yesterday. My white whale was a 2007 Triple Threads Andre Dawson. I now have 2 of them. Last week the ACTUAL White Whale 1/1 Plate/Bat/Patch/Bat/Auto went up for auction. I never dreamt of ever even seeing it. I sold 7 cards to have enough funds to bid on it. It was at $58 with 10 SECONDS to go. My max bid was $150, and I got sniped with 3 F’ING SECONDS to go in the auction by $2.50!! That is true eBay heartbreak as that card will never be sold again. I know the guy who sniped me, and unless he somehow becomes homeless, I will never have a chance to buy that card ever again.

  3. Good lord Charlie. That might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard (OK maybe not EVER, but still pretty bad). Mario, your tale is tragic, but Charlie…I don’t know what to say.

    Chin up little buckaroo. You’ll live to fight another day.

  4. Wow, I wish I had those funds to fund my Omar Jacobs collection. I have to let cards go by at the $15-$20 range. Dang college budget.

  5. I honestly think I am one of the few in the whole country. Shoot me an e-mail sometime and maybe we can meet up on campus sometime.

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