Razor takes a bite out Topps?

Razor Entertainment Group has purchased the exclusive rights to #1 overall Draft Pick, Tim Beckham of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. What that means is that you won’t see him in anything but Razor products until he gets his Big League call-up. They have also acquired the rights to future Marlins catcher Kyle Skipworth and #22 pick, Reese Havens.

On their website it mentions this about Beckham, “This means his most desirable, highly collectible cards will only be available in Razor brand products until he makes the Majors!”. If this turns out to be the case, Topps & the Bowman brand could be in serious trouble. Skipworth and Havens don’t have a huge following just yet but collectors will always go nuts for the #1 guy, especially when it comes to Bowman Chrome Autographs and now they won’t be available.

Is this a sign of actual competition in the prospects scene? Donruss Elite Extra Edition were beautiful cards but rarely sold for more than Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. Just Minors have some of the ugliest cards around so no competition there but what about Razor? Hopefully Razor Entertainment will hook Wax Heaven up with some promo shots of their upcoming baseball release.


7 thoughts on “Razor takes a bite out Topps?

  1. yeah cant wait to pull a Skipworth auto card with a doyle brunson tourny used felt card behind it!!

  2. I’m not familiar with Razor
    I wonder how much they had to pay for the exclusive rights?

  3. Hmmm….Makes me wonder what the heck UD and Toops was up to when Razor went after these guys. UD and Topps can prob. buy Razor in cash so I think I will just wait and see what the Razor Autos look like before I start getting excited.

  4. exclusive contracts are the bane of this hobby. What the hell were these people thinking? Razor? So what are they going to do, have three card set with Phil Helmuth and Tim Beckham dual auto? This makes no sense.

  5. I was hoping to see Donruss do something like this. I love their design, although I don’t collect minors cards so who cares what I think. Razor has no chance of getting in on Bowman’s action. It would have to be UD or an outside shot from Donruss.

  6. Not sure if any of you noticed but there is now a press release posted on the Razor website that says the president of Just Minors has joined the Razor team.

    Looks like that might be the end of Just Minors considering at the end of the press release it says as part of the agreement Just Minors will not be utilizing the 2008 draft picks. Maybe this means the overall card design for the minor league cards will improve with the new owner. My fingers are crossed!

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