“Mr. Mint” picks on the elderly?

As many of you already know, there is a baseball card-related movie (starring Matthew Broderick, unfortunately) coming out soon. In the movie, a man sells a valuable baseball card to a greedy dealer who might or might not have been inspired by “Mr. Mint” Alan Rosen.

According to Tuff Stuff Magazine, Mr. Mint is NOT happy with the portrayal in the movie but after contacting his lawyer about a possible lawsuit, the lawyer responded with, “you have no case”.

So has anyone ever dealt with Mr. Mint? Stories around the Internet have varied from “great guy who paid 150% of book value” to “scumbag that yelled at an old man eating ice cream in front of his booth at a card show”. Personally, the last time I went to a card show I paid $12 for this new, extremely hot card at the time…so as you can imagine, it’s been a while.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer for ‘Diminished Capacity’, the new baseball card-related movie, here you go, hosted on Wax Heaven’s YouTube channel.

5 thoughts on ““Mr. Mint” picks on the elderly?

  1. This guy Mr.Mint Alan Rosen reminds me of a Used Car Salesmen,you know the one’s I’m talking about the loud talking bad J.C.Pennys Suit with white pointed dress shoes smelling of body odor and stale ciggerates and bad breath!
    Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  2. I met Mr. Mint one time at Nationals a few years back. I had a couple high end vintage rookies that I was looking to trade for some Jackie Robinsons, and all the guy wanted to do was trade me for some now worthless Alfonso Soriano PSA 9 rookies. I was truly appalled by his offers. I’m glad I didn’t even consider the trades, as all the cards from the late 90s and early 2000s are pretty much worthless. The comment about him yelling at an old man with the ice cream sandwich really hits home as well. There was this 8 or 9 year old kid whose dad had just bought him a hot dog and put mustard on it for him. The kid was holding it over Mr. Mint’s card case and a little piece of mustard dropped on it (only on the glass by the way), and Mr. Mint called security and tried to have the kid kicked out of the show! Maybe I’ll come across Mr. Mint again some day in the future and see what he has to say for himself.

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