First images of 2008 Topps Sterling!

Here are the first images of 2008 Topps Sterling. No official product details or even a checklist yet but when the information goes live, I will do my best to get it to the collectors as soon as possible!

For now, enjoy the little preview and scans of some of the nicest cards you can buy…for $350+.

2008 Topps Sterling

2008 Topps Sterling

2008 Topps Sterling

16 thoughts on “First images of 2008 Topps Sterling!

  1. What bugs me about those cards from the sell sheet is that, we as hobby shop buyers, will never see them. No we’ll get a piece of Pujol’s jersey for our $350.

  2. I think the person that designed those cards has never collected cards. Great jersey swatches but they are nothing to look at.

  3. I’m confused….these look identical to the ugly cards from last year but I didn’t hear any complaints then.

    I think these cards are atrocious. Way too expensive for me, I’d rather buy three boxes of Masterpieces.

  4. Or you can just wait for some poor bastard to open a box for $350, and then pick up a Ryne Sandberg or Mike Schmidt unopened box for $100. The absolutely sickening thing about the $350 price tag is that you get 1 good card, and it may not even be an auto. Every one of those cards above are ugly as hell, and not one of them has an autograph!!

  5. yeah
    I won’t be buying any of this product.
    Can’t afford it.
    On a more positive note… I’ve always wanted a “real” Mantle card and I got my first yesterday… 1962 All Star Mantle card 🙂

  6. The Cobb and Robinson cards are swwet looking, come on. Granted the middle 2 suck hard and who wants a card with a “?” on it anyway?

  7. Whether they look nice or not, that is basically all you get out of a $350 pack/box. Aside from the one “hit”, you get 3 useless, worthless base cards, and a mystery card which could end up just being a white suade base parallel.

    The question mark will end up being Babe Ruth ( HOME RUNS, get it?)

    The biggest problem with the price of this product is that Cobb, Dimaggio, and Ruth will probably be seeded 1 every 100 boxes. If any of us saved up to buy a box of this, we’d end up with Tony Gwynn, Paul Molitor, or Eddie Murray.

  8. I would rather by what I want on e-bay. Atleast then I know what Im getting. Not ripped OFF!

  9. Say what you guys want, but I really like the style of these cards. They are clean, have simple lines, and emphasize the player that is portrayed. If you start putting “action shots” in a product like this, I believe it takes away from the appeal and makes it another standard, run of the mill card. As far as overall value, 2007 had alot of dare I say valueless names, however they made up with bigs hits of the bigger players. Arguably, Don Mattignyl is the only useless name coming out of it this year (and yea chances are he is inserted one in every case). However, overall, I think 2008 Sterling is going to be one of the most popular products of the year.

  10. I think that they resemble last years and I didn’t care for the 2007 set. Other than the jumbo patch cards, I will be ignoring this set. By the way, has a list of players been released that will appear on the jumbo patch cards? Let me know if you get the chance. Thanks. Happy Holidays!! Dave B.

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