Topps is not as good as gold

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my disastrous Topps redemption replacement. Originally, I was going to keep it and try to get at least $10 on eBay before a reader suggested I should call Topps’ customer service. That’s exactly what I chose to do and after a pleasant 10-minute conversation with Topps, I was told to write a letter and send it over to them with the card I recieved.

Now, I wrote one heck of a little letter and was expecting great things. After all, I am not rich and these days Andrew Miller autographs are no longer cheap so I should be rewarded for beating the odds by pulling a redemption of my favorite player, no?

Well, I asked for a 2007 Finest Autograph parallel (since I had the regular version) and today I got a rejection letter from Topps, along with my second and final redemption replacement. In case you are wondering, it’s an Andrew Miller 2007 Topps ’52 Rookie Cup Edition Gold Refractor (#’d 40 of 52). It’s an awesome card and unless there are mysterious Superfractors I’ve never seen, it’s the best Andrew Miller parallel from the set.

It’s still not an autograph and that is what I was promised.

Topps, you have let a longtime collector down.

-Mario Alejandro

Andrew Miller Gold Refractor

8 thoughts on “Topps is not as good as gold

  1. No sooner than I finished writing an e-mail to Upper Deck about a damaged autographed game jersey from 05/06 Rookie Update pack I bought today I saw this post. Guess we’ll see how their customer service is too. Nice card you got, but bummer it’s no auto. Oh yeah, I’m one of the 34 RSS people you mentioned from a previous entry. Great work on this blog. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads each day.

  2. It seems as if Topps is disappointing collectors left and right. Hopefully they will soon notice this before UD takes over the baseball card monopoly.

  3. That’s pretty weak. it’s strange, I’ve had nothing but good luck from Topps with my redemptions. The only time I got a replacement they threw in two cards and a pack. You should have at least got a bonus pack or something if not an auto. Nice refractor though.

  4. We are all forgetting that Topps doesn’t care about collectors they only care about money

  5. I second the Shenanigans!
    Why was this card not packed out to begin with? If only a few were made and Topps held back on them I call bullshit on Topps print runs. Seeing this after their “mess up” on the 20 “1 of 1” cards in Moments in Milestones makes me wonder. I seriously doubt they were sent back unsold boxes like the 70’s and 80’s and happened to “pull” this one from a pack they opened.

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