Kyle is ready for your autograph requests

26 06 2008

The Florida Marlins #1 pick of the 2008 M.L.B draft has been practicing his autograph skills. Now it’s time for you the fans to rev up your card collecting engines and seek out the all mighty autograph for your baseballs, bats, and best of all, trading cards.

Last night during the Marlins embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays, Kyle was sitting in the stands watching the disastrous bullpen he will one day have the pleasure of catching. There was a 20% chance we could have gone but ultimately, no luck.

My guess is that by next year he will be playing on the Jupiter Hammerheads. Kyle, be prepared to do that signing trick in front of the Infamous Tatiana. Don’t know what trick I’m talking about? Check out the YouTube video below.

Kyle Skipworth Baseball Card



One response

27 06 2008

I pulled his auto from a 2008 USA boxed set, and it kind of looks like he signed it without even looking….

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