Killing me softly with his fastball

26 06 2008

It was bound to happen sooner than later. We were just too good to be true. Sure, our line-up has three, maybe even four 30+ home runs guys but 3-run home runs only take you so far when your pitching is a mess.

First it was Taylor Tankersley and his 7.16 ERA in 23 games, he is now down in Triple-A Albuquerque. Later, as in this very week Matt Lindstrom was sent down after posting a 5.18 ERA in 30 games. His replacement was a fella by the name of Eulogio De La Cruz who made his debut last night against the Tampa Bay Rays and promptly gave up 5 earned runs without getting one single batter out. Welcome to the Majors!

Scott Olsen, our supposed “Ace” of the rotation has now been hit with 6 no-decisions in his last 8 starts and could easily be strutting around with a 12-4 record instead of a mediocre 4-4.

Andrew Miller, a guy who got off to a terrible start and in my opinion is still fighting for his job every single time he starts has been hurt by the lousy bullpen as well. In his last 10 games he has pitched two amazing gems but ultimate got a no-decision each time thanks to the bullpen staff. His record is a modest 5-5.

So sure, you are probably going to see Hanley start in the All-Star game and Danny Uggla will probably break the record for most home runs in a season by a second basemen but forget about contention and kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Yeah, I said it. It hurts, but the truth usually does.

Eulogio De La Cruz



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26 06 2008

Welcome to Reds Town my man. Welcome.

26 06 2008

Well, if the Marlins can make some moves to shore up their bullpen, maybe they’d still have a chance. It looks like the Phillies are determined to fall out of first place, and it’s hard to be optimistic about the Mets or Braves either at this point. Don’t give up yet!

26 06 2008

Frankie actually made his major league debut last season when he made six appearances for the Detroit Tigers. And he pitched for Florida this season on May 25th.

Still….. that’s no excuse for last night!

26 06 2008

Ouch Frankie. But it’s nerves and if there is a next time, he’ll do better.

10 09 2008
Mario A.

Wow, this guy really sucks.

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