Did the photographer at Topps quit?

Wow, unless Madison Bumgarner is EXTREMELY camera shy and threatens to eat the children of anyone who takes a photo of him…Topps has been incredibly lazy with his baseball cards. They have taken a terrible photo from their 2006 Aflac series and re-used it not once or twice but three times!

How hard is it to get your amazing photographer to take a few shots of Madison in whatever league he is in right now? Who knows, maybe he’ll pull off something as great as this shot, but only if you’re lucky and if you get him some more P.R work with ESPN and/or Sports Illustrated.

Now, with the amount of parallels in Bowman (and every other release), there has to be 30+ versions of the 4 cards below. Listen, if you need to hire a photographer, give me a call. I work for cheap and besides, with the kind of spin Ben Henry puts on your e-Topps and Toppstown disasters, I might even get to fly First Class!

Look Topps, even David of Fielder’s Choice can get a recent picture with Madison. Why can’t you?

Madison Bumgarner Baseball Cards

12 thoughts on “Did the photographer at Topps quit?

  1. Right on, Mario!

    I’ve noticed that a ton of photos have been reused in multiple Topps sets. There are many that are in both ’07 Allen & Ginter and ’08 Topps Heritage, for example. It’s a shame.

  2. Topps has been doing this since the 50’s. See Henry Aaron’s first three Topps cards (1954, 55, 56) or even as recently as the Tony Peña’s 2002 Traded, 2003, and 2004 Topps Manager cards. Sadly, it’s nothing new, and I’ve griped about the Peña cards too. Nothing like a little deja vu when opening a pack of cards and then thinking, didn’t they use this picture last year??!


    JayBee Anama

  3. On the same subject, one thing that really bothered me recently was seeing a 2008 card of Scott Kazmir (can’t remember which brand or set it was) wearing a #26 jersey. He last wore #26 in 2006 and switched to #19 between the 2006 and 2007 seasons. So the picture had to have been at least two years old. How lazy.

  4. Topps has the worst photos ever. I bought some Bowman 07 football last year and most of the photos were a blurry disgusting mess.

  5. I like it. Looks like a parallel.

    What’s the point in having different pictures anyway? If it’s going to be a diving catch or something amazing, fine, I can see that. But really, if your choice is this pic or a pic of him with the ball in his glove about to start his wind-up, I’d prefer all the same photo.

    I actually like this a lot.

  6. I actually sent this thread to my wife (also involved in the hobby) and she had the exact same reaction. Well, she said it was “kind of gay” to want a whole bunch of different pictures of men, or at least care if they had different pictures on them. She also said that she thought they all looked cool together and she wouldn’t mind doing a rainbow of all the different cards with the same picture.

    We continued the conversation and it dawned on me that a lot of the people complaining about the same pictures in different sets are people who build sets themselves. If it’s such a big deal that a few cards in a few different sets have the same picture, then why would you want 792 cards that all have the same design? I mean, you notice the design before the picture, and 1987 Topps #248 has exactly the same design as #333 and #567. So why would you ever want to complete the set?

    For that matter, why do you collect Jose Canseco? Every Jose Canseco card in your collection features a picture of Jose Canseco. That’s a lot more repetitive than a few Madison Bumgarner cards as shown above.

    I guess if you stop complaining, people stop reading. Must be hard work finding something to bitch about all the time.

  7. There are not many people building sets of Bowman Sterling.

    People who plunk down hard-earned money want cards with new pictures on them, not recycled ones from the year before.

    How is it cool to build a “rainbow” when each set pictured already has 4-7 parallels a piece that you could build a real rainbow with?

    I think I was on to something…

  8. I think it’d be more accurate to say that YOU want cards with new pictures on them. I think most people don’t care.

    I think you missed my point about the rainbow. Each card has 4-7 parallels (the AFLAC doesn’t, but the others do) and if you got all the parallels for each of the cards and put them all together in one scan or lined the scans up side-by-side, that looks really cool. Definitely a lot nicer than a bunch of random cards with different designs of the same player in different uniforms.

    And nobody said anything about building sets of Sterling. You missed my point. You’re complaining about the same picture in four different sets and a lot of people are doing the same. You might not build sets, but a lot of the people complaining do. They complain that Sterling and Chrome have the same picture, but then they’re working on the base Topps and Heritage sets, one of which comes in three separate series, all with the same design, the other coming in two series with the same design.

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