…and the winner is

We started a video box break by doing a drawing and busting a Jumbo pack of ’90 Topps & Fleer but unfortunately were interrupted twice, first by a late-night telephone call and second by our son waking up from his sleep by said telephone call.

Ultimately, the name out of the hat was Dave from Fielder’s Choice. Congratulations! Wax Heaven mail day is this coming Monday. You are going to receive the two game-used jerseys, plus a hand-written note by the Infamous One. Make sure to keep an eye out on your mail box next week.

Below is a scan of the best of the two packs busted. Certainly nothing as great as yesterday but the Ken Griffey Jr. and Joey Belle make up for it! I have to say, ’90 Topps is crushing ’90 Fleer so far not just by the big names being pulled but also by the somewhat iconic photography. I am loving it!

1990 Topps, 1990 Fleer




  1. Sweet! A friend of mine is an A’s fan, so I’ll probably give him the Duchscherer card. Maybe it will inspire him to get back into collecting cards. The best part will be the signed note from Tatiana, which will go with the signed note from Mario that I already have. I’m thinking that someday I’ll be able to sell these to Topps or Upper Deck for a huge amount of money so that they can make a dual cut auto card from them!

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