A jumbo-sized dilemma!

In the last week my collection has been blessed with three different jumbo baseball cards of none other than Jose Cruz Jr. As much as I love looking at these cards, I really don’t know what the heck to do with them. I am about as anal retentive as one can get so you can imagine my dilemma.

How are these cards stored? In Ultra-Pro pages? The problem there is that they will move all over the places since Bowman Jumbo’s are almost twice the size of the Gallery of Heroes card. Speaking of which, how beautiful is this card? Topps Gallery was one of my all-time favorite sets but was discontinued before I came back to the hobby in late 2007. This card and a small lot of other Jose Cruz Jr. cards was donated by “MAGICPAPA” of the Beckett Media forums. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Now, the two Bowman Jumbo’s are just plain gorgeous. I don’t know what they ran for back in the day but if it was anything close to the Jose Cruz Jr. prices of 1997, it could have easily cost $50 or more.

Today, in 2008 and after Jose Cruz Jr’s forced-retirement I was able to pick them both up for the combined price of less than $1 dollar. If there is a non-parallel version I’d like to get my hands on it as well. It feels great to be able to get enjoyment out of this hobby without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Jose Cruz Jr. Jumbo Baseball Card

Jose Cruz Jr. Jumbo Baseball Card



  1. There is a regular version. There were three versions in all. Regular, Refractor and Atomic Refractor.

  2. Topps Gallery was one of my all time favorite sets. The only thing close to it now is UD Masterpieces. I still have the 1999 Topps Gallery Heritage subset of 20 cards. My favorites. I believe my brother has the Soriano with the stained glass window. Beautiful card!

  3. You can get sheets from BCW (bcwsupplies.com) and find the one(s) that match your cards’ dimensions. I’ve been pretty surprised by their page layouts to cater to oversized/odd-sized cards…

  4. glad you got my package safe and sound, im alway happy to help player collectors when i can, : )

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