Who wants custom Bowman/Topps cards?

In addition to Heavenly Vixen series two, JBel4331 will be making 13 FREE custom cards for the readers of Wax Heaven. This is the second collaboration between W.H & J.B. You can see his previous Wax Heaven exclusives HERE & HERE.

There are no strings attached. You don’t have to send me any gifts or bribe me with anything BUT since there are only 13 spots available you must email me at WaxHeaven@Gmail.com with the photos you want used. If the image you send isn’t large enough you won’t be considered since the image has to be as big as possible. Find the very best images and send in as many as you’d like to be used. Only 13 will be picked so cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Below are three examples of cards done by “J.B” for Wax Heaven in the last hour. If you are one of the 13 chosen, you will get to choose from an ’08 Topps template or an ’08 Bowman template. If you submit a request, please make sure to thank “J.B” for his hard work.

Good luck, guys!!!

2008 Topps Custom Baseball Card

2008 Bowman Custom Card

2008 Bowman Custom Card

Custom Card: “J.B”

Photograph: Mario Alejandro



  1. That man makes sweet looking cards but i don’t have any new pictures, still i love the idea.

  2. Sorry, no. I don’t have those kind of resources. You’d have to get that done on your own.

    The only ones that get printed and sent out are the Heavenly Vixen cards.

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