The Baseball Card Show (BONUS)

24 06 2008

Didn’t expect to make another one of these until the final day of the month but the day I had was saved by the generosity of readers Paul of DDoubleplay Sports and David of Fielder’s Choice. Please make sure to check out their sites before watching the video.

Afterwards, you can see scans/photos from today’s mail day and pack bustings. I don’t even think “bustings” is a word. I don’t think I even care!

Madison Bumgarner Autograph on Sweet Spot!

1990 Topps Jumbo Pack Break

Full Topps Jumbo Pack Scan HERE!

1990 Fleer Jumbo Pack Break

Full 1990 Fleer Jumbo Pack Scan HERE!




6 responses

24 06 2008

The Nolan Ryan 5000 cards are still sweet. Like the Kruk Phillies card as well. Who used to be smaller…Bonds or Kruk?

24 06 2008

I’m glad you liked the baseball. Those packs from 1990 look like fun too!

24 06 2008

Oh, I forgot to mention, the Def Leppard songs in the video were kick-ass!

24 06 2008
Chris Harris

Whaddaya mean you were never “invited” to write for APAD? All you had to do is ask Ben Henry!

24 06 2008


Have you seen this error card of Mike Moore?

24 06 2008

its a 1991 topps mike moore card with a canseco back.

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