By now you probably already know about the untimely death of the legendary comedian, George Carlin. I remember vividly watching his TV show as a teenager in 1994 and have followed his career through all these years. Sadly, the first HBO special I watched of his also happened to be his last one (about two months ago) but it was very entertaining.

As is usually the case, lots eBay auctions have been popping up like they do when someone of celebrity status passes away. When Cubs pitcher Geremi Gonzalez died a month and a half ago after being struck lightning, his in-person autographs, the few available, were hot items on eBay with plenty of bids and final selling prices going into the low, three-digit prices.

Here is one interesting auction that makes me wonder. Here George Carlin took the time to sign one of his albums and the “fan” rushed to eBay to list it the moment he was dead. He claims that he “truly feels guilty” but doesn’t mind asking for a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $899.00 dollars.

Things that make you go “hmm”…