Wax Heaven Contest!

This contest is brought to you by The Infamous Tatiana. Make sure to drop by her baseball blog and leave her some comments!

The rules for this one are simple, check out Monday’s games. Out of the 10 teams playing pick one pitcher and one hitter who you believe will have at least 3 hits or 5 strikeouts. If any two of your chosen players reach their goal, you advance into the second round.

Once ANY player is chosen, no one else can have him. It doesn’t matter how badly you want to choose Tim Lincecum, only one person can pick him so make sure to read every comment before you leave one. Also, you must choose by leaving a comment, no email submissions.

The winner of the contest will receive an Andrew Miller 2007 Topps Heritage G/U relic and a Justin Duchscherer 2008 Upper Deck G/U relic, along with a hand-written letter of congratulations written by the Infamous Tatiana and signed by both of us. Submissions will be closed at 11 A.M Eastern time Monday.

Also, make sure to check out Sunday’s game as Andrew Miller goes up against Justin and the Oakland A’s. Rumor is that the Marlins will be sending down a pitcher next week so it’s time for Andrew to become consistent in his outings.

Good luck to all!

32 thoughts on “Wax Heaven Contest!

  1. handcollated

    I’m assuming you mean one pitcher and one hitter and not “one hitter and one batter?”

    If so, I’ll try Chone Figgins of Anaheim and Jason Grilli of the Rockies

  2. MetsManiacinNH

    I’ll take David Wright and Papelbon (yeah I know taking a closer on the chance that he gets a 5 out save and strikes out all five is the equal of betting on 00 green in roulette)

  3. darkship

    I have to agree There are only five games today so I’ll take F. Hernandez and batter Orlando Cabrera

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