Introducing ‘The Baseball Card Show’

Next episode airs June 30th with a segment at Dolphin Stadium, a video box break, and a commentary from Mario Alejandro on the state of the hobby.

Stay tuned!



  1. Crappy show. I hate these hayseeds who think they have any clout to be able to talk about the “state of the hobby”. Please go away. When you open hundreds of cases per month like I do, then you can maybe talk, but until then you are nothing but a rube.

  2. “hundreds of cases per month.”

    Lets take a quick run through those numbers…

    Lets say the average cost of a case of cards is $700.00 (generous). So If you open “hundreds” I’m assuming you mean at least 100 so we’ll notch it at 150 average for this little experiment. So that means you pay $105,000.00 a month for baseball cards. And what is that per year? $1,260,000.00.

    Yea, I call bullshit.

  3. Mario, since I went all out with this inaugural month (of returning to the hobby) I spent somewhere around a $1000 to get my collection started back up. I mostly went for the best deals I could find on eBay. While I have been impressed with some of what I have pulled out so far, (I’m still waiting for about 13 boxes to be delivered), I have to say that I have by far been the least impressed with the 2008 Bowman.

    I’ve bought a mix of blaster boxes (lots of 6 and 5), retail boxes, and fewer hobby boxes. Sadly, my first month was a lesson more than anything, and a costly one. From here on out, my wife will not be agreeing to let me spend that much money. So from here on out, I’ll be buying 3-4 hobby boxes per month…MAXIMUM.

    Back to the 2008 Bowman. I pulled out one auto out of the box. A chrome auto of Kevin Ahrens, 3B prospect for the Blue Jays. Other than that, the next best thing I pulled out was an A-Rod refractor. Maybe I’m just too fresh after 10 years of not collecting, but I’ve been far more impressed by my other purchases that have yielded much more enjoyable results.

    My favorite so far has been a hobby box of 2008 UD SPX I just opened yesterday. 4 auto’s, 8 game used, one Griffey Jr. 1 of 1 Box Score, and one Dice-K auto redemption. Now, personally, I prefer the standard shape for my cards, but those cuts ain’t bad. Nice and shiny too.

    As for me and my future investments, I probably won’t be purchasing any more 2008 Bowman.

  4. Wow!! First things first. Brad is a giant doitch-bag. I love when people leave assanine comments, and don’t include their link, so that they have to own up to their BS. Hundreds of cases a month? I know high dollar dealers that are going to the national next month that don’t open 50 cases a month! 100 cases a month would mean that you would have to average 3 cases a day. You wouldn’t have time for anything else! Sounds like a great life Brad, good for you.

    My rant aside, I thought the whole point of moderation was to keep d-bags like Brad away from the rest of us 🙂

    As for dEG, your HUGE problem with 2008 Bowman is the fact that you bought blasters and retail boxes. Big no-no if you are hoping for autos. Look at the odds on a blaster box. For $20 they are a giant rip-off.

    If you want “hits”, you have to buy hobby only. I bought 7 hobby packs of 2008 Bowman, and pulled a $250 gold ref auto.

    Before that, I wasted hundreds of dollars on blasters, and got 1 crap auto, and a few game used.

    You also got really lucky with the SPX. For the price point of that box, most people are pulling crap.

  5. dEG, if you are interested in trading the Griffey you pulled from SPx – contact Brad on He is a huge Griffey collector and fan. He can help you out in getting the collection going also.

  6. Sorry, Charles. We had a huge thunderstorm and lost cable/Internet for 6+ hours.

    Brad, well he’s a sad little man who despite hating Wax Heaven seems to love coming back. Trust me, he’s a goner now.

  7. And Mario –
    When is the beanie going on the baseball card? Or is it going to be part of a surprise “Event Worn” card you will be releasing soon?

  8. What the hell is that on your head you like a runaway Mexican….im emailing this to immigration……..great idea but you should be behind the camera…..hire a pretty girl to do the actual show like your wife or something nobody wants to c your Vatos Locos mug….. cant wait for your next one….WAX HEAVEN BABY!!!!!

  9. Brad, if you really hate WaxHeaven why do you visit us so frequently? Why don’t you do us all a favor and disappear? Go sneak around Target looking for little children to steal from. Ciao. 🙂

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