How much would you pay for this card?

Brett Butler was a great player, no doubt about it. He ended his 17-year career with a .290 batting average and came pretty damn close to 2,500 career hits while stealing over 500 bags. Now, while those numbers may be impressive I can honestly say with a clear conscience that I have never, ever met a Brett Butler collector in my 10+ years in the hobby.

That being said, how much do you think a 1997 Flair Showcase Row 1 “1 of 1” would sell for on eBay?

A. $0. Who would want it?

B. $30 or less

C. $40-$60

D. $263.88 with 10 bids

Well, if you answered D than you were right. So, if a “1 of 1” from that set of freakin’ Brett Butler sells for that high how much would a Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, or Cal Ripken Jr. go for?

I am in shock…check the completed auction HERE.



  1. mario, this is completely unrelated, but when you used the 2 $25 ebay gift cards, did they combine to make 50 dollars or were they seperate?

  2. There is a guy with an incredible Brett Butler PSA 10 collection. Betcha he bought that Flair card.

  3. That card’s value to me? Less than five bucks.

    And even at five I would bet a mint I would have passed it up for a player I actually have a memory of liking.

    The real question here is how did you find this auction? Were you really searching Brett Butler? Or just 1/1?

  4. I really didin’t know Brett Butler had that many friends on ebay bidding on his cards?

  5. My question is this: Why is the market even then filled with 1 of 1 cards that seem even now to pop up everywhere? I would not buy the card but would trade for it first if i needed it or wanted it.

  6. I actually do collect Brett Butler cards. I don’t particularly go out of my way for them, but Brett is one of those players who go in a binder rather than stay in the commons box. If I’d seen this auction I might have gone as high as $5. The guy who won this auction looks like a big spender. He’s got a positive feedback score of 7791. Not counting the Butler card, he has spent over $1200 on the last 25 he has positive feedback for. This covers a period covering June 21, 2008 all the way back to June 19, 2008. That’s right, he seems to have spent over $1200 in 3 days on eBay. Mostly baseball and football stuff. Some other collectible items as well. btw there are currently 34 Brett Butler items on eBay. Several of them are for the comedienne.

  7. If you think you were in shock, put yourself in my shoes as bidder #9. Believe me, I was bitterly disappointed in the result of this auction. I’m the guy that Bacchus815 mentioned as having a PSA Butler collection. I also have a very advanced raw collection of his cards ( Right now I’m sitting at over 95% of all Butler cards ever issued, which includes several dozen that Beckett doesn’t recognize.

    The 1/1 Masterpiece auction that the OP was about has been on my wantlist since ’98 Flair was issued. It is one of three 1/1s that were issued from that set, and was issued at a time when 1/1 really meant something. We all know that nowadays 1/1s are everywhere, but in ’97 & ’98, they were very scarce. Soon after ’98 Flair released, one of the other 1/1s came up on eBay and went for right around the same price. I had a snipe set for this one, never thinking that it would approach the number it did. Butler collectors are very rare, and I really thought I’d win it for a very nice price.

    Many of you may think it’s lunacy to pay that much for a card of a player that barely shows up on anyone’s radar, but ask any collector of a non-superstar player (especially those that played in the 80s/90s) if they’d be willing to pay far above market value for a crazy rare card like this one, and my guess is that they would answer ‘yes’.

  8. BTW, as I read the high bidder’s ID and buying history, I’m thinking that this is a guy that bids/wins eBay auctions for other people too busy to do it themselves, possibly for Chinese or Japanese collectors. There are guys out there who do this.

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