Disappointed and embarrassed

I am a stats freak so anytime there is a big number coming up in the hit counter I get a little excited. I will probably be leaving my house soon to cover the Frank Robinson card signing and when I get back the counter should read “200,000+”. That’s a nice number in less than a year but I am not in the best of moods.

Last night I went and registered with Upper Deck to redeem my RR3 Redemption Signature only to discover that it had already been redeemed. Of course, many know that I am still somewhat new to collecting. When I left in 1997 I knew nothing of redemptions and in my return (it’s been less than a year) I’ve only pulled two and they were both Topps brands.

When I pulled my SPx Rookie Signatures Redemption I had no idea what to do with it. I figured much like Topps that I would have to send it out and the scratch off code was just a way for U.D to verify if it was real or some reproduced card. I not only peeled off the code on camera (Tatiana did), I also used it as a scan in my review of the product.

Of course, some collector probably on YouTube (I hope it wasn’t a W.H reader) decided to take advantage of my newbie-status by redeeming the code themselves. It’s really nothing to be upset about since I have a good friend at Upper Deck and I know for a fact he will take care of me but the message is now clear. I have to watch my ass cause there are some really shady people out there.

Now, as far as my “Redemption Blues” replacement is concerned, I spoke with Topps on Monday and they agreed to take care of me. If and when that product arrives, I will post the results here. Have a wonderful weekend and you can expect some new photos of today’s event by tonight.

Won’t get fooled again…


  1. When I saw the box break and saw that you put the number out there. I had a feeling this might happen. I also have no idea how redemptions work, but I had a feeling that someone would do this. Rest assured it wasn’t me, it’s not bad wax after all.

  2. You can scratch me off the list of suspects as well. That’s sorry as @#$^!! If you ever find them, let me know, and we can load up and go take a few practice swings at their knees.

    I’ve had one redemption since I got back in. I know how they work but I would have never considered that someone would do something like this. I’ll know to be careful with video box breaks in the future. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Man that is shady as h&*%! I know for a fact UD can see who redemmed it by searching for the number in their database. I would be curious to see if it was a reader or some low life or maybe just a kid who had too much time on his hands. Hope you get your card.

  4. It’s really disheartening to see how dishonest people can be. I don’t have much more to say about this then that. I’m just really disappointed. Ah well, we will have our vengeance. Muahahahaha! šŸ˜‰

  5. I agree, that was a baloney move by some jerk out there who is obviously too bored with life that he/she must scour YouTube for break videos hoping to cash in on things like this. Here’s the thing – if UD knows who claimed it (based on name and address of where the card is being sent) and you have a connection at UD, perhaps sluething this out won’t be too hard afterall. In fact, you could probably contact UD about it and either get a cool “oops” card, or at least get the name of the scumbucket and post it on here for the world to see!

    I’ll happily join the town mob in the knee-breaking parade!

  6. Unfortunately, the hobby has a lot of creeps. I am not surprised, but still sorry it happened to you.

  7. Can’t UD help you out?? I am sure they know where that card went to. BS.

  8. You should have your buddy get the address for you.

    I would send them another package of fecal matter, razors and fire ants.

    The world is full of people in need of a car crash.

  9. Really crappy man…sorry this happened. Be careful. Hope you find out who did it, or at least UD can catch them.

  10. I was thinking of Commenting telling you to black out the coad but Forgot to. So if you find him let me come with you and kick his @#&

  11. Traders Crack Was givenen your coad And your geting your card check it out!!!

  12. Thanks for all the comments, guys. Apparently someone from Trader Crack’s blog emailed Ryan the code and he redeemed it thinking it was a gift. Whatever the case, I am sure that in the end the card will be mine.

    Also, I am not a fan of Clayton so when it is in my hands, consider it Trade Bait. šŸ™‚

  13. Pretty sleazy. I think it’s time for a “hammer party” for some of these chumps.

  14. We had the card transferred over to Mario’s account and we are looking at suspending the person’s account to took this card. I’m glad you posted this Mario as it gives us the opportunity to share that if this does happen to you, Upper Deck can help. Simply call (800)873-7332 to explain the situation. The person who is actually in possession of the card is the rightful owner so we can transfer it over to that person’s account. We just need to know about it sooner, rather than later.

    Chris Carlin
    Hobby Marketing Manager
    The Upper Deck Company

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