Shocking photos of Steve Guttenberg!

I have no problem admitting that I love all 7 (well, maybe just 6) Police Academy movies. It brought together the perfect combination of comedy, slapstick, and T & A I was looking for as an adolescent. Without a doubt, number 4, titled ‘Citizens on Patrol’ is the greatest of the franchise.

The good news? Police Academy 8 is currently in the works! The bad news? The actor who played the loveable troublemaker, Mahony, might be out of his mind. He was recently spotted by some paparazzi and how would you say, lost his cool?

Check out the photos below. They are safe for work but maybe not for the children.




  1. Maybe the stalkerazzi reminded Steve of the horrible made-for-tv remake of the Posideon Adventure he was in.

  2. Or the fact that his career is past its sell-by date? I used #3 for my post on lolebrity (I ar not haz-bean!) but I wish I’d seen this first. I’d have used #2. It just has that special something…

  3. I too admit I love the Police Academy movies; what self-respecting child of the 80s doesn’t? The photos almost look staged though, like they were taken for a magazine shoot or something.

    His signature on the card is funny too; it looks like bad subway graffiti. No matter, I am still a fan.

  4. I agree with Chad, #3 looks staged. It would be awesome signed though!

    He looks like a crazy homeless guy in the first one though.

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