Let’s not forget controversy sells

When was the last time you bought a pack of baseball cards? Did you know products such as Upper Deck’s Legendary Cuts and Topps Allen & Ginter is going to give you, the collector an opportunity to own signatures and yes, even pieces of hair from such historical figures as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington?

Now, as great as that sounds I have to wonder where are the more notorious figure’s autographs in these products? As important as Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have been to our history you would have to include such figures as Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Che Guevara, and Fidel Castro, wouldn’t you?

Now, while I am in no way a communist or a fan of any of these men, in my opinion, cut autographs of any of these would be HUGE not only in our hobby but for the rest of the outside world who doesn’t know the difference between a game-used relic and a Refractor. Much like the ‘A PIece of History’ Bat Relic cards and the George Washington DNA card received mainstream media attention, so would these autographs.

Pulling an autograph of Fidel Castro and wanting to keep it doesn’t make you a bad person, does it?

Currently on eBay there are several interesting auctions with some of these men’s autographs. For starters, here is one of Hitler. While not the nicest-looking autograph, it doesn’t get any more historically significant than that.

There is also a beautiful autograph of Napoleon Bonaparte on eBay selling for considerably less. Now, imagine pulling THAT cut auto from your box of Legendary Cuts. Talk about your brand living up to its name!

At the moment there are no autographs of Stalin and Che Guevera but there are sites that have them so what’s not to say they won’t pop up on eBay someday? Just an idea, maybe a crazy one…

In case anyone is wondering…Topps put a cut autograph of Fidel Castro in Allen & Ginter and all hell broke loose. The man who pulled it became a pawn for the anti-Castro movement and completely destroyed the one of one and failed to sell it on eBay time and time again. You can view the before and after photos of the Cuban dictator/baseball fan HERE.



  1. I agree with you. I think having autos of controversial, but influential figures in history would be interesting. It would also create a lot of buzz in the media and help sales.
    I would much rather have an auto from Castro than a piece of the speedo Spitz wore in the Olympics!

  2. I would much rather have the non damaged autographed document then to have the original historical document destroyed so I can pay an exorbitant price for the chance to pull the damaged autograph from a box of cards.

  3. Yeah, I think it is pretty wrong not to include the “bad guys”. They were part of our history and have influenced the present. Topps, UD, who’s got the cojones to do a Hitler auto? 🙂

    RE: Fidel Castro (because the other post drew some conflict)

    As a Cuban, I FREAKING HATE communism. Do some research on how the economy is in Cuba right now. We are over here bitching about gas prices and non important rubbish. Did you know that if the Cuban police find you with a piece of steak in your home, you will go to jail for a certain amount of YEARS. Yeah, years for having a piece of beef. In Cuba, they don’t have hot showers. They have to heat up their water in a God damn pot and pour the water on themselves. You want a cookie? A cake? A pastry? Here, there is no problem, over there, they have weekly rations, and dessert is not included. One of my girl friend’s 19 yr old nephew just came here from Cuba on a boat. He got here two days ago. They went to a grocery store and when he saw all the food, he was terrified that he would get in trouble or arrested for taking the food. We have NO IDEA how lucky we are. We always take things for granted. And yeah, while I think Castro is a complete and ultimate douche bag, I would have sold his shitty auto for all that it was worth. It would have been an “IN YOUR FACE, B*TCH!” moment for me. Gaining wealth from a tyrant, a dictator, a man that has ruined thousands and thousands of lives, including some of my very own family, that would have been ultimate satisfaction for me. So, yeah, the guy that ruined that card is a complete and utter idiot. And that’s coming straight from a Cuban. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Tatiana. It is definitely eye opening. It will be a great day for Cuba when the Castros are out of power. Who knows, maybe even a MLB team in Havana one day …

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