A.A.F strikes (yet) again!

Wow, I never expected to hear from my old friend Anonymous Astros Fan ever again. His persona is much like ‘Keyser Soze’ fromThe Usual Suspects and if you are lucky enough to catch him once, it will probably be the last time. For those that don’t know, A.A.F is responsible for two amazing days at Wax Heaven. Here is day one and here is day two.

Now, as some of you may know I received two $25 dollar eBay gift cards for Father’s Day which has allowed for me to finally pick up some new Andrew Miller cards. For the record, there is just $1 left on both cards after this final purchase.

One of the cards I was very proud to have won was a 2007 Bowman Sterling Andrew Miller Black Refractor #’d to just 25. Not my lowest numbered card but beautiful none the less. While I was expecting that card to arrive any day now, I wasn’t expecting another package from A.A.F but sure enough there it was in my mailbox.

This time around he sent us two Andrew Miller cards I needed: the 2008 Topps Gold Foil and a very, very nice 2007 Topps ’52 Rookie Cup Edition Refractor which I have yet to see on eBay and is #’d to 552. Once again, I am very thankful for A.A.F’s generosity. He has single-handedly made me a serious Andrew Miller fan with his amazing gifts.

As much as I have enjoyed them, though I’d give them back if he would promise to keep reading the site regularly. I am forever in debt to him but more than anything I’d like to remain one of the most-visited, informative card blogs around. I hope you guys enjoy reading the site as much as I enjoy writing it. You may not always agree with what I have to say but I hope you never forget that under my strong opinion lies a true  baseball card fan for life!

As always, my entire collection is scanned HERE. I also now have a new page with a list of all the cards in my collection which you can view here.



  1. Mario…I know I have said it before but your site rules. You bust your ass to add the stuff you add and that’s not easy with a wife, child, job, etc. I love the site and visit it multiple times daily and have turned other including my local card shop’s owner onto it. Keep it up and don’t loose the faith! Long after mine and many other card blogs are gone, hopefully….your will be ricking along!

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