The third SPx Mystery Redemption is…

Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays!

North Las Vegas, NV (June 19, 2008 ) – Many are crediting the Tampa Bay Rays success to one key player in particular, Evan Longoria. Upper Deck is excited to add him to the 2008 SPx Baseball set through the mystery rookie redemption program. Longoria will be card #148 in the set or “RR3” for the redemption. Every SPx Baseball mystery rookie redemption card will be autographed.

“Evan Longoria is probably one of the most exciting prospects in baseball today,” said Steven Judd, Upper Deck’s Baseball product manager. “He has been compared to players like Ryan Braun and even Alex Rodriguez because he has rare power for a player at his position. With eleven home-runs already this year, it’s easy to understand why he is drawing those comparisons. He’s the type of player collectors dream about.”

Upper Deck will announce every week a new rookie redemption player until all seven players have been revealed. Longoria joins Clayton Kershaw of Dodgers and Jay Bruce of the Reds as the first three rookies to be announced in this program. Upper Deck’s 2008 SPX Baseball is available now at hobby stores (SRP $19.99). For additional information on the product, please visit



  1. I love these card execs…

    “… he has rare power for a player at his position…”

    I didn’t realize the hot corner was full of pansies. A-Rod, David Wright, Chipper Jones, Joe Crede, Mark Reynolds, Garrett Atkins, etc, etc, etc must not be as good as I was thinking. I’m pumped he’s the redemption though. Good lookin’ card!

  2. Thanks for the info Mario! I was eagerly waiting to see what RR3 was going to be as I pulled the redemption the day SPx came out. I was praying it was going to be someone good and viola!

  3. I don’t know of anyone crediting Longoria and his .249 average with the Rays success, either, even if he does have 11 HRs.

    Upper Deck probably asked 4 guys in their office, “Would you credit Tampa Bay’s success to Evan Longoria or Jonny Gomes?” and three of them said Evan.

  4. I credit Evan Longoria for a lot of the Rays’ success, handcollated. He might even be the MVP of the team. More important than the .249 average (which is as low as it’s been in a while) is the .328 OBP, .479 slugging percentage, stellar defense and clutch hitting. He’s played Gold Glove caliber defense so far, and saved the win with an outstanding play in the ninth inning on Tuesday night. He makes a ton of plays that most third basemen simply don’t, and saves many runs. He also has a knack for getting the big hits when the team needs them most. He has several walk-off, game-winning hits this year, including at least one walk-off home run that I can think of. If anyone gave more credit to Jonny Gomes than Longoria for the Rays’ success, it would be obvious that they haven’t watched the Rays closely this year. Or maybe they just watched the bench-clearing brawls, which Gomes stars in.

    And Mr.RedSox, I hope you won’t be a fan of Evan for long. I expect him to have many moments of excellence against your team over the next ten years.

    Anyway, I’d love to have this card, but I won’t be buying any boxes of SPX. I’ll have to find it as a single on eBay. I am just praying that the Topps Finest Redemption #4 that I have will be Evan. That would be longlorious!

  5. Great line about the 4 office guys.

    Evan is getting credit for power and his addition to the Crawford/Pena combo, but he’s earning his paycheck on defense for sure. He gets better and better each game.

    PS – [At least] two Sportscenter Top-10 plays this week, defensively, courtesy of Mr. Longoria.

  6. Dave –

    If you are a Rays fan, then I’ll have to defer to you on that one. I would think that the idea “many” would choose Longoria over Upton, Shields, Crawford, or even the injury bug bit Kazmir would be a bit of a stretch, though.

    And the Gomes thing was a joke. I’m sure no one would actually pick him over Evan.

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