Topps Chrome is live!

It’s that time again, another new product. This time it’s one of my favorites, Topps Chrome. I haven’t been to any hobby shop since its debut but they are going for dirt cheap on eBay. The only problem with Chrome is that you need to bust 3, maybe 4 boxes because it’s so addictive, at least to me. I am a Refractor Junkie!

Unfortunately, last year’s one box I bought was a bust (see it here) but I can guarantee one box of this for a video box break sometime soon. If you missed Wax Heaven’s preview, check it out here. For two guaranteed autographs per box and several refractors, $80 per box in store is perfect.

Finally, here is the entire product checklist as an Excel file. Happy bustin’!!!



  1. Right on! Grant at Beginner’s Wax picked up a pack the other day at our shop, which is coincidentally owned by Topps’ Ripmaster, Alan Narz. A pack cost him about $8 I believe with 4 cards (?), but he got one refractor. He too loves the shiny goodness.

    By the way… I’m happy to see Wax Heaven still kickin butt. Don’t you ever, ever leave us.

  2. Exactly… and that’s why I didn’t pick any up. They’re selling packs of ’97 Bowman for $17 there simply because of the rookie cards available in that set. It’s a joke.

  3. I will be opening 3 boxes on Tuesday. Any regular refractors you get doubles of let me know. I build that set every year.

  4. What is up with that ugly pink nightmare? Is that supposed to be the artists conception of a refractor?

    Oh and one more thing:

    EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A PACK OF CHROME?!??!??!!!???!!!?!?!?!?!???
    You have got to be kidding me. At the shop owned by Ass-Master? Now I hate him even more.

  5. I’ve never bought a single pack or box of Topps Chrome in my life. I am assuming that these look the same as the Topps Series 1 & 2 cards, but with added chrome shininess; am I right?

  6. Ok, nevermind. I found that Griffey auction. It probably looks pretty slick in person but the scan is awfully pink. Patricia and Lucy would love it.

  7. Anyone who paid $8 for 1 pack is an idiot. You can get a whole friggin hobby box at my local shop for $66 out the door!! And even that is a rip-off bc the cards are absolutely worthless unless you pull a super. You could spend $30 and get every card you want on the Bay.

  8. I’d say for $66 a box that seems like an enoyable break, i’ve always loved shinny things.

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