Chipper Jones is mediocre…

…that is, he’s no longer hitting .400 on the season. TRADE HIM!

It’s still early enough that Chipper can make it back to .400 but the odds of him finishing the year that high seem near impossible. Take into consideration that his career-high avg. in fourteen seasons is .337 and he hasn’t played a full year in fours seasons. It’s looking impossible right about now.

Whatever the outcome of the season, Chipper Jones has made one hell of an impression on the writers who were on the fence about his Hall of Fame status. I think the opinion on him before this year was mixed because he played 95% of his career in the dreaded “Steroid-Era” but it seems like he has gotten better with age.

…and by chance if this is just a small derailment and Chipper gets back to .400 by the weekend, now is the time to pick up some game-used and autographs before he finishes the season with 40 home runs, 135 RBI. and a .406 batting average.

It’s okay to clear out the bank account every once in a while if your favorite player is chasing immortality. I know when Andrew Miller pitches a no-hitter I am putting up the Infamous Tatiana’s Nissan Altima for sale.

Sorry, babe. We could always car pool to work in my Mustang. You just might be forced to sit in the back seat, though since the passenger door no longer functions.



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