Wax Heaven & Frank Robinson?

18 06 2008

Two nights ago while in dire need of Ultra Pro pages I discovered the greatest baseball card store in Florida, Bud’s Sports Cards & Collectibles. I went there for pages and a new 5,000 count box for storage and stayed there for about an hour marveling at the wall of wax.

Well, by chance they are having a signing this weekend with 500-Home Run Club and Hall of Fame member, Frank Robinson. Two weeks ago they had Stan “The Man” Musial and a couple of years ago, Yogi Berra!

My hope is that Bud’s will let us cover the event so we can take photos and even shoot a little segment with Tatiana. I have actually never been to one of these before although we almost went to one during the off-season for Hanley Ramirez.

You can check out a few of their previous signing by clicking HERE.

Cross your fingers, guys!!!




7 responses

18 06 2008

If you can get his sig, do it. Frank is known as one of the toughest to get in person. Think Derek Jeter. With an attitude.

18 06 2008

If you need a card of Frank, let me know. I got plenty.

18 06 2008

wow! that sounds awesome. hope you get pictures.

18 06 2008
Mario A.

That’s very generous D, but I just want to attend to cover the event for the readers. If by some miracle I get an autograph (I won’t ask), it will be given away in a contest.

18 06 2008

Awesome! I just looked at the pictures of people signing at Bud’s, what an incredible list of Hall of Famers. I guess it pays to be located near so many retired players in Florida.

Good luck with Frank Robinson! I’d be interested to hear what he charges for his autograph, and how much some of the other guys there have charged for their autographs in the past.

18 06 2008

Going to those shows are awesome. I enjoy getting an autograph in person much more than buying off the shelf.

21 06 2008
Mario A.

Damn, no response from them so no pictures. Sorry guys, hopefully next time.

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