About two months ago with the Marlins game in a rain out on television FSN aired a TV show called ‘Beyond the Glory’. This particular episode was about the 1988 World Series and Kirk Gibson’s heroic and memorable home run that killed the Oakland A’s and Jose Canseco’s near-perfect season.

Having just started watching baseball seriously, Tatiana has never had the opportuinity to see Jose Canseco during his prime: a beautiful yet deadly, muscle-bound monster with a swing so powerful that if it connected, could drive the ball 600-feet.

I begged Tatiana to watch simply for the Canseco footage but when the end of the show neared I could see she was addicted to every second of the show, for she did not know the outcome unlike the rest of us. By the end, when Gibson hit hit home run and wobbled around the bases I turned to Tatiana who was now in tears. She fell in love with Gibson, his story, and his amazing performance that night.

Since then she has been dying to meet him and hopefully take a photo with him after a Marlins game. Gibson is now long-retired from playing baseball but is a coach on the Arizona Diamondbacks. The first time they rolled into town we were not able to attend but they will be back next weekend and you can rest assured that I will do my best to get Mr. Gibson to take 2 minutes out of his schedule to take a photo that will make my wife the happiest sports fan in the world.

I can only hope Kirk is in a good mood that night. If anything, I don’t even mind the Marlins losing this one game, just as long as Andrew Miller is not pitching.