Remember when we loved Willie?

Oh wait, that’s the other pathetic New York franchise and Isiah Thomas.

We actually never cared much for Willie, at least I never did when he was a player or a manager but the media and fans wanted him out and now he is gone and in a terrible fashion. They flew him out to the West Coast and fired him in the hotel and announced it to the media by email hours later.

Not counting the worst collapse in the history of baseball last year, he managed the Mets to a respectable 302-253 record, second-best all-time among the 18 men who have managed the New York Mets. Something tells me it wasn’t all Willie’s fault, though. That team has been full of underachievers since God knows when.

Here’s hoping Willie finds another baseball job in the future. Just make sure he doesn’t step anywhere near the Florida Marlins clubhouse.



  1. Well, I liked Willie Randolph a lot as a player. I can’t say that I was a big fan of his managerial career as I’ve never been too fond of the Mets. But he clearly deserved better than to be treated the way that he was. Omar Minaya is using Willie as a scapegoat when Minaya is really the one to blame for putting together the team the way that it is. Willie Randolph is a fine manager and I hope that he lands in a better place for him in the near future.

  2. Dear Supreme Baseball Being,

    I ask of you to deliver a manager that can manage to our beloved Reds. Please let the Res front office see what us Reds fans knew. Dusty Baker should be kicked in the nuts and shown the door. Even if replaced by Willie, we will abide by your decision.

    So sayeth you, so sayeth we all.

  3. Liked Willie as a player. He’s not a strong enough personality to deal with “these” Mets. There are too many strong, bad eggs, such as Jose Reyes. Willie may do better somewhere else.

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