Someone hand Troy Cameron a Sharpie!

Man, you never know who is reading Wax Heaven!

I wrote a piece a few months back around the time I started obsessing over 1997 Bowman Chrome. I am dying for a Jose Cruz Jr. and Kerry Wood International Refractor but as nice as those cards are, there is another card in that set I wouldn’t mind picking up, for more notorious reasons.

The article in question is about a ’97 Bowman Chrome Troy Cameron and within a couple of weeks it started to spread. Eventually, it got back to Mr. Cameron himself and he even left a comment. Well, after a couple of friendly e-mails Mr. Cameron has decided to grace Wax Heaven with a signature.

After looking through eBay I was amazed by what I saw. There is a surprising amount of cards, including many in-person auto’s and after browsing a few, I can see why. His signature is just plain bad-ass. Look at how the “T” in his name also happens to be a “7”. I was born on the the 7th day of March so the number has always had a strong meaning to which adds a lot to the value.

Mr. Cameron will be receiving this card in the mail along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to save him the trouble. When the auto arrives, you will see a scan of it in all its glory. In the meantime, check out this 1997 Bowman (minus the chrome). You can check out some of his other cards on eBay by clicking HERE.


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