It’s time to make Jose Cruz Jr. a Marlin!

The Marlins have been campaigning to get Dan Uggla & Hanley Ramirez into the All-Star team, but why? Who cares about a stupid exhibition game AKA popularity party? The All-Star game is worthless, just look at the leading vote getters in the American League. Almost all Red Sox or Yankees. The fans don’t care about Josh Hamilton’s dream season. It’s all about Derek Jeter to most of them.

Right now there is a former 5-tool player sitting at home without a job. His name is Jose Cruz Jr. and whether you believe it or not, he can still hit. Keep in mind this is no Jacque Jones, either. Jacque was a bust, Cruz Jr. was never given an opportunity. During Spring Training he crushed the ball and led the entire league in R.B.I. That’s not anywhere near what Jacque Jones could ever do.

I am willing to bet this former “30-30” man has a little something left in the tank and I don’t exactly see Jeremy Hermida knocking the cover off of anything these days. Besides, Jose is just 34 years old. Look at the great year Luis Gonzalez has been put together at the age of 40. It’s time the Marlins make a move and it won’t cost you a fortune to pick up Jose Cruz Jr.’s contract, either.

How could it possibly hurt the team? I will speak to David Samson, President of the Marlins on Wednesday after work and barring complete humiliation by Dan Le Batard, I will post it on Thursday.



  1. Cruz on the Marlins wouldn’t be a half bad idea. I also believe he has a few years left and I’d love chasing down some Marlins patch cards of him.

  2. The Marlins are doing fine in the outfield. What we need is stronger pitching. So unless Cruz Jr. magically became a pitcher over night, I’m not interested. And the Marlins shouldn’t be either.

    I don’t doubt that he is a nice guy and it sucks that he was released, but the Marlins shouldn’t sign anyone out of pity. Jacque Jones was a waste of cash. He lasted what, three weeks?

    Pitching. That’s what we need. One new starter and a stronger bull pen.

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