Father’s Day Contest!

Okay guys, here we go again! This contest is going to be for a lot of Jose Reyes cards, including a 2007 Upper Deck “Masterpeices” Game-Used jersey.

The rules are simple: There are only 5 games tomorrow, look through the probables and find one pitcher who you think will strike out three batters in a game. It could be a starter, middle reliever, or closer. If your guy gets three K’s, you advance to the second round.

Since the first game tomorrow starts at 7:05 P.M Eastern time, this contest will close at 3 P.M Eastern time tomorrow. Make sure you leave your pick as a comment, not an email and that you register with the email that you can access in case you are the winner.

If you win and don’t like Jose Reyes, you can choose from a random Game-Used or Certified Autograph from my collection.



  1. I assume that we all have to pick different players, right? I’ll go with Justin Verlander.

  2. I think you might need to explain the rules a little better…since 5 people have already chosen Lincecum…are you allowed to pick someone who has already been picked?

    I pick the one starter not chosen yet. Carlos Silva.

  3. OK apparently some of you don’t understand the rules.


    So far there are only 16 of you actually in contention.

    If I’m wrong I’m gonna feel so stupid…but I’m pretty sure I’m not since Mario said you “can’t pick someone who has already been chosen.”

    Maybe you can have a contest where all you have to do is follow directions.

  4. no friggin’ kidding! Are you guys even reading the rules before you pick?

    That being said, I take Lincecum..

    j/k. Are there any pitchers even left? I take Ichiro. I think the entire Seattle staff will get chicken pox and have to sit out. Suzuki will be forced to pitch.

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