I went to a ball game and…

…well, you have to see this one for yourself.

It’s midnight and I have to get to sleep. No Marlins in town this weekend BUT there is a small chance we will see Dontrelle pitch in Single-A ball next month. Of course, that’s if he’s not back in the Majors by then.



  1. That pilot is an asshole. “Yeah my plane is going down. I’m going to try to land it in a field filled with kids. Wish me luck.”

  2. What an idiotic thing to say. I’m sure if the pilot had a choice between a cow field and this field with kids, I’m guessing he would have chosen to sacrifice the cows. When a plane is going down, it is going down. You can’t exactly choose where, you can only try to land safely and hope no one gets hurt.

  3. Well Tatiana I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Yes when a plane is going down, it’s going down but the pilot does have some options. The plane wasn’t fully out of control so I think it’s safe to assume he did the best he could to land it.

    Unfortunately his decision sucked. He saw there was a track field and a baseball field, I’m pretty sure he also saw all of the people sitting there and standing on the track. His decision to land his plan on a field full of people was idiotic at best and I don’t think he should ever be allowed to fly again.

  4. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. I think that considering he landed and he didn’t injury anyone inside the plane or outside the plane, he did a pretty good job. I’d LOVE to see what you would have done in this situation. I’m just happy no one was seriously hurt or died.

  5. Well since you asked, I went ahead and did some research on the incident. There wasn’t much but I did find out a lot. It seems that the fault of the crash shockingly lies with the pilot. Here’s a quote:

    “The NTSB concluded that the likely cause of the crash was ‘(t)he pilot’s incorrect positioning of the fuel tank selector valve to a nearly empty tank, which resulted in a loss of engine power due to fuel starvation, and subsequent emergency landing at an off-airport site. Factors associated with the accident were the pilot’s inadequate preflight inspection, and his inadequate remedial action’.”

    In other words, he messed up.

    Personally, if I were in his position, I would’ve emptied both of my tanks to ensure my plane doesn’t explode on impact and I would’ve tried to bring her down in the golf course that lies just west of the stadium where there weren’t any children playing. But that’s just me.

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