Video Blog (2/2 of Jose Cruz Jr. Mega Trade)

Thanks to Brad who sent me a boat load of Jose Cruz Jr. cards for one, single autograph (3 total in this three-way trade). Not only did he send out all the Jose Cruz Jr. in his vast collection, he also sent along some awesome Marlins cards and some very cool Jose Canseco cards, including one very special one I lost about five years ago.

Make sure to check out Brad’s website, dedicated to Mark Grace. He was also featured in the defunct ‘Heavenly Collections’ series collection at Wax Heaven many months ago. You can check that article by clicking HERE.

Make sure to check bright and early tomorrow for a very special article about the hobby and the negativity being spread around the Internet as of late.



  1. Wow…that be alot of Jose Cruz cards.

    I really can’t see the Marlins signing him. They tried one vet “washed up” OF in Jacque Jones…I doubt they try another. They already have a nice mix of OF with Ross, Hermida, Gonzalez and Willingham when he comes back.

  2. Glad you got all the cards and were happy with them. Hope you found the 1998 Canseco Donruss Gold Press Proof 1 of 500 I sent too. I think I saw it in the video.

    Thanks again for the autos, watching the video was fun!
    Brad W.

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