No, this is not a threat to add advertisements to Wax Heaven. That will never happen. I’ve been offered it and was even told with the amount of traffic I receive I could make a lot of money with Ad Sense, etc. No, thanks. Wax Heaven is not Dolphin Stadium and/or a Minor League park. I care about the integrity of the look of the site way too much. Besides, I have extreme O.C.D so it would never work.

Second, you can read Wax Heaven 20 times a day for the rest of your life and no donation will ever be expected of you. This is a voluntary option I am adding and the baseball Gods as my witness, 100% of the proceeds will go into buying more baseball cards. This is more for the “high rollers” and Florida Marlins executives that force me to pay $8 dollars for beer and $7 for Chicken and stale French Fries. Pay up, fools!

From now, you will be able to see the exact Pay Pal balance and my eBay account info and even make recommendations on what to buy (cards or boxes). As of now, my goal is to get enough Pay Pal money to bust 1997 Bowman’s Best and/or Bowman Chrome, which of course will equal up to more Video Box Breaks!

You can check out Wax Heaven’s eBay page by clicking HERE.

If you donated, want to see the Pay Pal balance, or the current goal, click HERE.