Redemption Blues

It’s not often you are lucky enough to pull an autograph from a player you collect but that’s exactly what happened more than 6 months ago when I bought a box of 2007 ’52 Topps Rookie Cup Edition and one of my autographs was a redemption of Andrew Miller.

Well, today I received the results of my first-ever Redemption and it is a replacement. Talk about bad Karma. Not only that, the card is not exactly worth much on eBay so I am guessing it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of a $10.00 card or maybe $15. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

I am going to try my best to trade the thing for something worthwhile.

13 thoughts on “Redemption Blues

  1. what i would do is contact topps and demand for something of greater or equal value to the Andrew Miller Autograph

  2. Ugh, that’s terrible. I’d definitely contact Topps about that. I’ve only got a replacement for a redemption one time and I got a jersey, autograph and a pack of Stadium Club instead of an Eddie Belfour stick piece. The only thing going for that card is that it’s a red parallel.

  3. I would be upset if I didn’t get the player I wanted , but maybe the other card will be worth something since it’s in red ink and #’d

  4. wow. I would flip out. Seriously.
    Why can’t the baseball card manufacturers learn form the non-sports companies. They never disappoint fans/collectors. Topps and UD… not so much.

  5. I’ll give them a call on Monday. If not, I’ll just sell it on eBay and get $10 from guys looking to complete the Red Auto set. I heard they bid pretty high on them even if it is…..this guy.

  6. I love the “circumstances beyond our control” part. Then exactly who is in control of the quality at Topps. Certainly Mario isn’t, Topps isn’t, so no one is i guess, boo topps, and i’m saying boo-urns.

  7. i have had about 10 redemptions sent into topps in the past year. i have gotten 1 that has been fully redeemed. the others were garbage replacements along with the same note. don’t expect any topps redemption to be fullfilled completely

  8. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing: contact Topps. I’d also mention you have a blog (they won’t want negative publicity). Ask to speak to PR or something, and if it turns out they really can’t get an Andrew Miller signed card, show them what such cards sell for and see if you can’t get a case (or at least a box) out of the deal. Or something else uber-special.

    I wouldn’t sit quietly, though. It’s bad business. Makes people less likely to buy Topps, and Topps won’t want that.

  9. Ouch man, I cant believe that. UD will be allowing people to select redemption replacements online so that things like this will hopefully not happen anymore.

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