Note to self: No more jokes about Madison Bumgarner

Okay, this story is a little scary. It seems that the other guy with a funny name, Milton Bradley, is not all quite there and wanted a piece of one of the Royals’ announcers after he heard one of them go on a rant about Milton for “5 minutes” straight. Shoot, he didn’t have to go that far out of his way. How many people even watch a Rangers vs. Royals game? 6, maybe 7 thousand?

*looks at attendance numbers for Marlins game last night*


The point I am trying to make is that if one little comment heard by a handful of fans can make one player that upset it makes him do a Rocky-style dash up to the announcing booth, what’s to keep Madison Bumgarner (and his angry father) from jumping over the 2 security guards at Dolphin Stadium, pushing through the 12 fans who arrive before a game, punching Tatiana in the face and raping Mario Alejandro? It could happen…

In all seriousness, Madison is making quite a name for himself in the minors and rumors are flying that he might be on the Giants roster by the end of the season. Thankfully, the Marlins don’t play the Giants at home again until 2009 which gives me plenty of time to bulk up and grow about a foot.

If anyone is curious, this is what started everything.

Look, no “Oh-Face”



  1. It’s Coco Crisp I can’t understand… Did his mother seriously not love him? That’s like A Boy Named Sue from the Johnny Cash song. I would think he caught a ton of @#$@ whippings in school for that one…

  2. Ok I can see an angry e-mail or comment but RAPING you?? ROFL! The thought of Madison and his pop gangbanging you right in the middle of a Marlins game has had me laughing for 10 minutes. It would sure do wonders for the TV ratings. Make sure Tatiana has the camera so we can see more O face.

    You have a fear of a guy from San FranSissy? It’s not like White Sox fans are coming to the game and you are the first base coach.
    Plus I have a feeling Fake Horse Muffins can round up the other guy at the game and the Mermaids to back you up.

  4. Madison’s dad isn’t from San FranSissy. He’s from a small town in NC and he’s a large guy that could probably beat anyone’s ass. I went to school with him and he was a big football player. Nice guy but a big mouth. Anyway, I am sure he is very proud of his son but he could have chosen a better name. He could have just been Kevin, Jr. His dad was a hottie in school so Madison must look like his mom!

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