Are you a child of the 80’s? If so…

…this insane eBay auction is for YOU.

Yup, $98,000 starting bid for about $1,000 worth of cardboard. Granted, the person selling the giant lot probably has no idea what they are worth and just recently lost her husband but c’mon!

I feel kind of bad for the guy who owned this collection, though. He probably picked up as much wax as possible in the 80’s and 90’s thinking he’d be a rich man by 2010 and not only did that not work out for him, but…

Anyways, I’d go as high as $1,000 just because I enjoy busting wax no matter how worthless it is (I busted ’07 Fleer!) but I know if I spent that much I’d be served with divorce papers so I will have to pass it up.

Is this worth sleeping on the couch? Maybe…



  1. The first thing you have to ask is, is this listing real and true? I’ve seen a ton of “My husband just died”, “My husband cheated on me, now I’m selling his cards” listings.

    The unfortunate thing is that she’ll probably just end up with a bunch of rude comments, and some eBay seller fees that she’ll have to pay 😦

  2. My favorite is the Soccer cards – WHAT A GOLD MINE!!!!

    I know I busted like 25 cases of those in the 80s. Back when I was a small chap of 4.

    Of course my investment from back then is crap now, I opened everything. This guy KEPT THEM IN THE BOX!!! Oh man.

  3. Echoing the voices above – I’ve seen FAR too many auctions with the “husband died” or “divorced husband” etc.

    However, that said, there are tons of singles looks like and binders galore. WOuld it be worth the price of admission? Doubtful, nothing ever is, but it’s better than those auctions that PROMISE a good card when sending you a grab bag of crap.

  4. That stuff wasn’t even worth 98 grand back in 1992… I’d love to dive right in the middle of all that and just start rippin’ though.

  5. Regardless of what’s in it, when this doesn’t sell, she should relist with a starting bid of $.99 and see how far it goes. For that matter, why not put a reserve on it? That listing would give enough fodder for pack-a-day to last a lifetime…. LOL, though you’d probably be kicked off the contributor’s list before you’d get very far!

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