The “Oh Face” for 2008

12 06 2008

Hey guys, while looking through my giant stack of 2008 Upper Deck series two I came across this David Wright and couldn’t help think of the original Wax Heaven contest, “Show Me Your Oh Face“.

I am getting my collection in order but you can expect another contest any day now. Also, I still BADLY need to make a trade for a Greg Maddux auto so if you have one available, let me know. Click HERE for details. I was watching one on eBay but during the box breaks from last night I forgot all about it and lost it for a very reasonable $43.01. That’s a shame.

The Upper Deck Series Two box break will not be going live. It’s over 30 minutes with two interruptions (battery died, pizza man) so ultimately I have decided to let this one go. You might see it on the “lost episodes” of Wax Heaven someday.

Finally, If anyone is interested, I will make a guest appearance on the official Beckett Blog tomorrow. You can expect a brand new article for very soon. It will be a throwback for the old school collectors who could care less about game-used and other gimmicks of today’s baseball cards.


Mario Alejandro




One response

14 06 2008

He looks like that rare beast they found on South Park that was shipped off to France.

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