The “Oh Face” for 2008

Hey guys, while looking through my giant stack of 2008 Upper Deck series two I came across this David Wright and couldn’t help think of the original Wax Heaven contest, “Show Me Your Oh Face“.

I am getting my collection in order but you can expect another contest any day now. Also, I still BADLY need to make a trade for a Greg Maddux auto so if you have one available, let me know. Click HERE for details. I was watching one on eBay but during the box breaks from last night I forgot all about it and lost it for a very reasonable $43.01. That’s a shame.

The Upper Deck Series Two box break will not be going live. It’s over 30 minutes with two interruptions (battery died, pizza man) so ultimately I have decided to let this one go. You might see it on the “lost episodes” of Wax Heaven someday.

Finally, If anyone is interested, I will make a guest appearance on the official Beckett Blog tomorrow. You can expect a brand new article for very soon. It will be a throwback for the old school collectors who could care less about game-used and other gimmicks of today’s baseball cards.


Mario Alejandro


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