Mr. Cantu, I LOVE YOU!!!!

I don’t think it’s wrong to say that, right?

Thanks for saving Andrew Miller’s ball game against the Phillies with your second home run of the game. I don’t care what they say, I’d pick you, Cody Ross, and Luis Gonzalez over Hanley and Uggla any day of the week. You guys are the underdogs and perhaps the most exciting players on the team, in my opinion.

If anyone’s wondering, Andrew pitched 7 innings and gave up only one run while striking out seven. Now it’s up to the bullpen to secure Andrew’s 5th win. Just two weeks ago they blew a save that cost Andrew a win. Hopefully tonight we can come out on top and get this guy to shut up already!

The Mexican Babe Ruth strikes again…



  1. At least the Marlins won. I’d love for Miller to be at 6-4, but unfortunately sh*t happens and Gregg isn’t very consistent. It sucks that it had to happen during the most perfect performance Miller has given us all season. I know it isn’t worth anything, but Miller is a winner in my book.

  2. As a Rays fan, I’m glad that Cantu is resurrecting his career with the Marlins. He’s a good guy. Hopefully he’ll cool off a bit this weekend though 🙂

  3. What’s up with Cantu’s eye brows in this picture? I have to pick on something since he lit up my Phils with Hamels on the mound. There’s not too many that can claim that!

  4. I knew the Reds were insane for cutting him in the offseason, instead opting for two left-handed hitting first basemen!

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