Jacque Jones is history thanks to me?

Occasionally I listen to sports radio. It’s a good way to pass the time on my way home now that my iPod is fried. One of the shows I tune into is the 4-hour Dan Le Batard Show on 790 The Ticket. He’s kind of an idiot these days but puts on an entertaining show every once in a while. Each Wednesday he has David Samson, the Florida Marlins president on for movie & Marlins talk. Last week I called in about bringing up Dallas McPherson, this week I had an agenda.

I called in because I wanted to know if the Marlins had ANY interest in Jose Cruz Jr. I started out by making a comment about how worthless Jacque Jones had been since picking him up and wouldn’t you know it by the end of that night’s game he was “designated for assignment” and Robert Andino was brought up from the Minors.

“Joe” is the winner of the Aardvark Trading Company contest. There have been many Joe’s who have left a comments at Waxheaven.com but to claim your prize, the e-mail has to come from a “Comcast.net” domain so the wrong person doesn’t get the prize.

Thanks to Kris from Cards in the Attic for this great contest! As a little bonus, here’s my phone call with David Samson. Next week I plan on grilling him about why the organization doesn’t accommodate Bloggers who write about the team in a positive way. Two major newspaper get access and they both have terrible, forced blogs about the Marlins.



  1. Didn’t realize the contest was still going on….

    But since I won, I would like to have the 2 Marlins cards be sent to Mario, as a thank you for keeping up with this great site.

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