A Hardcourt Rivalry Renewed

North Las Vegas, NV (June 11, 2008 ) – Hoop fans are quickly realizing that all the hype surrounding this year’s the NBA Finals featuring the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers is well warranted. The games have been intense and the superstars for both teams have shined their brightest in front of the hometown fans. Upper Deck would like to congratulate exclusive signers Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant on making it to the NBA Finals.

Last week, Kobe took some time to sign cards for the upcoming release of Upper Deck’s 2007-2008 NBA Exquisite, which is the company’s most premium product of the year. Kevin Garnett was able to make time to sign his cards during an earlier series. Fans of these epic teams and of basketball in general can find autograph cards of these two league MVPs only in Upper Deck products.

“The intensity of the first three games has been awesome for all NBA fans to enjoy,” said Bill Beaman, Upper Deck Basketball product manager. “To have two amazing signers like Kobe and Kevin leaving it on the floor each night and proving to collectors why they are worthy of their regard is special. I know collectors will be blown away by the autograph and memorabilia cards we have available from these two superstars in 2007-2008 NBA Exquisite and 2007-2008 NBA Upper Deck Chronology.”

Upper Deck also partnered with the NBA to run events in hobby stores in the Finals markets this week. Despite the heat wave back east, collectors came out to get free autographs from JoJo White and collectors on the west coast enjoyed a barbecue with A.C. Green.

“Boston and L.A. fans are extremely passionate about their teams so it’s a natural to see that cross over to collectibles,” said Chris Carlin, Hobby Marketing manager for Upper Deck. “Both events were extremely successful allowing us to showcase trading cards and memorabilia to collectors, but more importantly to casual sports fans. With these two storied franchises renewing their rivalry, collectors are the real winners with Upper Deck Basketball products.”


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