Video Box Break – 2008 SPx

It’s been a really long time but the Wax Heaven Video Box Breaks have returned. I am now using YouTube and nothing else but if you’re bored, check out the Vimeo page for all the old school videos we did.

The product reviews will come later in the day. I think you guys will be shocked.



  1. I’m amazed at the minor star “Triple AAA here I come….back” players in the base set. Furcal? Cust? That’s what I hated about Finest. There shouldn’t be that many cards headed to the commons box from a box of SpX. Good job on the pulls, though. That Griffey GU is sick!

  2. Did you do a video on the UD Series 2? I thought about buying a box of that. But after the Topps Series 2 video I did (which I recorded a tball game over because it wasn’t worth watching) I’m a little bit leary of buying any more base set hobby boxes. They’re too expensive considering the low value of the pulls you get. I’ve had better luck with Blaster Boxes than hobby on those sets.

    For the $100+ that I paid for a box of Topps Series 2 Jumbo I pulled a Vlad GU, Furcal GU (with a huge snag in the jersey!), and a Josh Willingham auto. That’s it.

  3. JV, there is a video but YouTube is being slow with it. Hopefully it’s up and running in a couple of hours, if not I will upload it elsewhere. Man, it blew away SPx in the long run let me tell you.

  4. Nice Kevin Hart RC!! If I hadn’t been so friggin lazy over the last couple weeks you would actually have a package from me already too. I’ve got some 2008 Bowman and some other base cards to send your way, as well as another Marlins auto. Can you e-mail me your addy again?

  5. Absolutely man. Like I said before, I don’t collect the Marlins, so anything I pull is yours. And maybe this time I’ll actually write down your address, so I have it for next time.

  6. Mario you should do more stuff like this? I’ve seen a few boxes at the local hobby shop in the mall near me. I think the price was $126.00 maybe I’ll go get a few boxes?

  7. I went back and watched a few of your Vimeo box breaks, and I love the Turkey Red break where you complain about pulling a Josh Hamilton bat relic for about 5 minutes. How’d that one work out for you?

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