A baseball card miracle

I get e-mails almost every single day from people who enjoy reading the blog and want to send me gifts for my hard work. I have received everything from baseball caps and 1 of 1 autographs to well-written notes and autographed photos of Mike Andino from people who love the site. I cherish every little gift I have been blessed with.

Anytime someone asks me for my address I usually just give it out. Truthfully, many times nothing ever shows up, which is kind of funny. It certainly doesn’t bother me, after all what matters to me is that someone likes my work. Well, since my Beckett articles have been up I have been getting a bunch of extra mail.

This afternoon I made a commitment to start writing and taking photography more seriously while “closing the doors” at Wax Heaven. It was a tough choice but I always keep my word. When I arrived at the house a little earlier than usual I found a big box on my front door. It weighed a good bit and was addressed to me but had no return address. Inside the package was a Dan Uggla Upper Deck Black card (sweet!) and even more amazing was a box of 2008 SPx and 2008 Upper Deck series 2. If this wasn’t a sign that I should keep Wax Heaven open, I don’t know what is!

To the readers of the site, I apologize for the drama. I feel a little like Kobe Bryant when he demanded a trade and then took it all back within 24 hours. I now know this is what I am destined to be doing and when the writer’s itch strikes me again, well you guys will have to just put up with a 2,000 word essay on Jose Cruz Jr’s 2004 season or something else just as boring.

The video box breaks are in the works. I hope you guys enjoy. The Braves cards and White Sox cards are reserved if you know who is interested. You know I like my Marlins.

*wink* *wink*



  1. Much better news than before!

    Besides, what better way to pad your resume for future writing gigs than your 1,000th well-written article?

    Anyone can write one or two, but 800, 900, 1,000 or more?? That takes skill and passion, two essential and often overlooked attributes a writer needs.

    I am glad your sign from above was on your porch.

    Now down to the real issues…who’s got dibs on the Astros?

  2. This is awesome news on both accounts, that Wax Heaven is here to stay and that one of the many awesome people in this hobby sent you that package.

  3. Yes!!!!!!

    I was seriously depressed to hear about you closing Wax Heaven. Since I discovered it a couple of months ago, it’s been a site that I just have to check out multiple times per day, and easily the best and most entertaining baseball card or sports blog out there.

    So now I am elated to hear that it’s staying open.

    I’ve actually had an idea in my head of something to send to you and Tatiana to show my gratitude for such a great site. I just need to make a short trip to the ballpark in Zebulon, NC to get it …

    Your fan til the end,


  4. Blog.
    State that you are quitting blogging.
    Get free boxes.
    Keep Blogging.

    Got it, I’m retiring tomorrow for anyone curious. My address is…. just kidding. Man, that’s great news! I wasn’t ready for Wax Heaven to go yet! I’m behind you 100% no matter what you decide to do…


  5. Mario, thank goodness you’ve come to your senses. It would be difficult not to have your blog to check every day. We were trying to be cool, but now we can admit we were sad.

  6. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!”

    A box of SPX and Upper deck?? Man, someone out there really likes the blog! No reason you can’t blog about cards and baseball and photography though. Even I get fed up with cards every once in a while.

  7. this is great news. the other sign to keep wax heaven open is that the marlins beat my phillies last night :-(. thats awesome that people send you stuff. maybe i’ll reach that point sometime. good luck and i can’t wait to read more.

  8. Hey there Mario I have asked for your mailing address,but you never send it to me? Like I said your kinda of a old school guy,I think you might enjoy what I found over the weekend.

  9. Mario I was in a bit of a depression for two days…I don’t work on Wed….. and have to say the best news I’ve gotten recently is that you’re staying “open” I love what you have to say and enjoy reading your thoughts.

    On a side note I’ve got a couple of Marlin’s(including a Seddon auto) to send your way! Keep up the great work!

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